Learning to Relax and Appreciate Life

The children are driving me CRAZY over the Internet. I finally got on my bicycle and rode to the local “resort” to find out how we could hang out there (Answer: buy something).

When I came back to get the kids, Dawson showed up and filleted the fish and chopped open the coconuts so we could have fresh coconut juice. He said he’d be back around 4 for supper.

Apparently he stopped by later, but I was out getting our car (THANK GOD! WHEELS!). He said he’d be back in 20 minutes and we never saw him again. Ha ha.

Cat and Alex rode bicycles to the resort while I walked behind. Cat hasn’t ridden a bicycle in so long that she fell off and landed in a ditch. A car of young men were passing, pausing just long enough to laugh at her.

The resort is nice for this area. Clean and respectful. However, to stay there more than two nights? I doubt it. Of course, I’m sure most people couldn’t stay HERE in the jungle house for more than one or two nights.

Cat announced that she is feeling relaxed and peaceful. Alex is adapting well with the exception of the Internet. Baby-steps.

It makes me laugh how much they worry about me. They fear for me…which I get. If anything happens to ME, what happens to THEM? Plus, I’m just a genuinely cool mom so… 🙂

Sarah Price

But seriously, they act as though I’m feeble and meek. I try to tell them that they have me all wrong. When I was younger than Cat, my parents sent to me to Puerto Rico for 2-3 weeks during the summer…alone…to live with a family I didn’t know. When I was fifteen, they sent me with my cousin Teddy for 2-3 weeks to Switzerland, again during the summer. When other kids were sent to camps, I was sent abroad. At eighteen, I went to Alaska for six weeks, living in a tent on an archeological dig. At twenty, I traveled down to Argentina for 3+ months to work.

You cannot do that travel and be meek and feeble. You cannot do that travel and return without a better understanding of the world. When you travel, you remove your myopic glasses and start to see the world with compassion and appreciation…for what you left behind and for what you have discovered.

Think about it. These people can live on $5-10 US a day. They spend time with their families, live from the land, do not linger on the computer or watch television. They go to church, they work, and socialize. There are a few larger social gatherings each year but, for the most part, they simply live in that moment. No stress. No traffic. No squabbles over silly, ridiculous, sin-driven wants. They are giving to each other, welcoming to strangers, and genuinely kind.

And THESE are third-world people? Maybe not.

Anyway, I made the fish and breadfruit and a pumpkin squash. Served it with coconut rice. The kids DEVOURED IT. I’m in shock. If I made that at home, they’d refuse to eat and would certainly graze the pantry for hours! This trip has taught me how to cut back my food bill, that’s for certain!

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7 thoughts on “Learning to Relax and Appreciate Life

  1. Wow you got to see a lot of places growing up. I am so glad people can travel and see and adventure different lands. I see on t.v is about it. Which is fine at least I like to explore what’s out their in my living room lol

  2. See, you can cook, Sarah ! Your fish dinner sounds delish. Good the kids are being so protective! Sounds like it is being a whole new world for them… Good ! Travel is the best education !

  3. You have seen a lot of places and things in other countries. Now your children are seeing new places and getting to eat new foods. How fun and they will learn so many new things.

  4. You have always been adventurous then! Don’t know that I could do it. I certainly wouldn’t be in the Jungle, let a lone without my Husband…….you are brave. I’m guessing your children will be learning a lot. Are there grocery store’s or shopping near by????? Do they have church??? Enjoy the Jungle & be safe! <3

  5. Enjoyed hearing about your adventures…..and your enjoyment of the simplicity of life, there. It is so much easier though when everyone around is in “the same boat” so to speak. What a wonderful thing for your teenagers to experience! Thank you for sharing…., just maybe you can cook like you did on vacation, at least 1 or 2 nights a week, when you get back home, to help keep the memories alive!
    Blessings to you in this New Year 2016~~~

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