Launching a New Book…

It’s a stressful weekend for me. My book, Valley of Hope (Book 4 in the Amish of Lancaster Series) is finished. It has gone through multiple rounds of editing and revisions. I’ve worked on it night and day and night and day for weeks and weeks and weeks. Before I was writing, I was thinking about it, dreaming about it, planning it, and revising it…all before the “pen to paper” stage (or, in the 21st century, “fingers to keyboard” stage).

And now it’s finished.

And now I wait.

Waiting is the hardest thing to do. Will people like it? Will people respond to the story?  Will people be moved?

One of my key pre-readers told me that it’s better than Pastures of Faith. Since that book has gotten quite a bit of attention, I take that to be a really good sign. Still, I worry.

Real writers write for one and only one reason: to share their passion for story-telling. It’s not about money. It’s not about fame. It’s not about rankings. It’s not about anything other than telling a good story and having someone appreciate it. Just one person is all that it takes. Reading Helen’s post that “Wheeeeee, that was some story” just about made my year. Receiving an email from Juanita about how much she loves my stories can bring tears to my eyes. Knowing that Dianna and Sue and the Amish “gang” on Facebook are waiting for my next book…well, that’s quite special.

It’s also really stressful. You see, I want to deliver my story in such a neat little package that my readers feel as if they have embarked on a journey with me into the world of the Amish, even if only for a few hours while they were curled up on the sofa with a cup of coffee and warm blanket…and my story. When they read the story, I am with them, standing impatiently while peering over their shoulder…waiting. Waiting for feedback. Waiting for tears. Waiting for a smile. Waiting for that moment that I know that they have loved the story.

And so I wait…

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  1. Sarah, I won a copy of Fields of Corn, but can’t buy books, and my library doesn’t carry your books. I’m glad you posted this! I guess I didn’t realize how much a simple email about a book could make an author’s day. From here on, I will be emailing those authors I have read and enjoyed with a quick thank you, and my very first goes to you! You showed me a way I can make someone’s day better, and I sorely need those opportunities!! I ask for blessings on you, and please keep writing! You have a wonderful gift to share!!

    With gratitude,

    Karen Schulz

  2. Sarah, please don’t stress over your new book. It will be perfect, just like the others were and are. You are a wonderful Author and your books are magical. I do feel like I am right there with the people in your books. And that makes them very special to me. I feel the love, happiness, hurt, pain and their stress. And that is what makes them so hard to put down once you start reading them. I can not wait for Valley of Hope to come out. I feel all the love that you put into each of your books. So please, please don’t stress. You are so awesome and so are your books.

  3. Sarah, I too have all the faith in the world that “Valley of Hope” will easily be as good or possibly better, if that’s possible, than the 3 before it. I’m reading them now in anticipation of the new release, and I’m enjoying them very, very much. You make the reader feel a part of the story, and that’s what readers enjoy. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, your readers. I’ll be watching for that book to be released!

  4. I am on the third book and they are all amazing. I cant wait for the fourth one. I am sure it will be just as good as the others!

  5. I am ordering ” Valley of Hope” because I KNOW it is just as good as all of the rest of your books. Thank you writing such wonderful stories.
    Sonja W. Mccowan

  6. Can’t wait to read Valley of Hope. Especially after enjoying Pastures of Faith! The Amish of Lancaster Series starts to look like an actual Epic. It is amazing to discover how the various characters are connected from one book to another and how seeds are planted here and there in anticipation of another story yet to come!

  7. You send us on a love inspiring journey. We are anxious to tell you our feed back but can’t put the books down long enough to tell you until we let out the final sigh from holding our breath through out the whole journey-as you are holding your breath waiting right now. We cannot wait to read on and share this love of, stories, Amish, reading, passion and life with you!

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