Lancaster in Winter


I have to confess that I’m not a big fan of winter. Spring, summer, fall…I’m in heaven. Winter? I hibernate like a bear. Spark up that fireplace and let me snuggle in front of it with a blanket and a book. That’s heaven in winter for me.

So it was really surprising for me to come to Lancaster…in January!…and find that it was just as beautiful as every other season. Cold? Yes! Beautiful? Absolutely. Despite the bitter cold, people were just as active indoors and outdoors as during other seasons. I noticed the gentle glow of battery operated lanterns from the barns late into the evening and saw families gathered in the kitchens, surrounding the table and spending time together.

The fields were empty and, at night, they are eerie and dark. It’s a darkness that I can’t explain. Just pure blackness. I managed to guide my husband through back roads to our little place (the first time I’ve done that in darkness!) and he was impressed that I knew each turn and crossing well in advance. 

Even the smell is special. To some people, barn smell is dirty smell. To me, it feels like I’m home. It is so natural and godly. Makes me wonder what the rest of the world is thinking, living away from farm life.

It’s just a special place. I really feel blessed to have this second “home” here in the heart of Lancaster County.