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Kate Zook’s Diary

Four Weeks Before An Amish Buggy Ride

Last night, there was a commotion downstairs. David must have been out with his friends and came home very late. Daed was not happy and I heard him talking to David. Something was awful wrong because David yelled at him! I’ve never heard anyone yell in our haus. The ruckus woke up Becca and I quickly let her into my room so that she could snuggle under the covers with me.

I tried to distract her by talking about the family gathering next week for Thanksgiving. We have two family dinners to attend and Maem is hosting her own on Friday. Becca seems excited to visit with her cousins. I’m excited for the smaller gathering here at home. But it will be nice to see Daed’s family on Thursday and Maem’s on Saturday, even if we do have to hire a driver to get there.

David seemed quiet at the breakfast table this morning and left the haus right afterward. Daed and Maem weren’t talkative, either. I wonder what happened last night and pray that David is all right.


An Amish Buggy Ride

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  1. I cannot wait to get this book I preordered some time ago. Thank you for such wonderful books to read.

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