Delays with Gypsy

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It’s so hard when you are so close yet so far!!! It’s killing me. Gypsy in Black was finished when I decided to do a massive overhaul and re-write complete sections. I wasn’t happy with how the two main characters were playing out on paper. He was too hard, she was too hard. I wanted […]

NEW RELEASE: Pica Runs Away

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After a long wait, the second chapter in the Pica Adventure Series has been published on and  This story continues the adventure of Pica, the small black and white dog. Each story presents a single situation in which the little dog is faced with a dilemma. By overcoming the situation, the little dog […]

Gypsy in Black

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My latest book is about a clan of gypsies that travel the West during the late 1800s.  This book explores the culture of the gypsies through the eyes of Sahara, a young woman who winds up joining their caravan.  This book is based on years of research with a touch of romance as Sahara finds […]