Sunday Huddle

It’s Contagious–Go Ahead and Spread It by Lisa Bull

Driving through the darkness, my little four-year-old eyes refused to close, afraid of missing something important. Mom slept in the front seat beside Dad who was sipping on his coffee, the aroma swirling through the car to where I sat. We were on our way to Grandma’s house. I knew what would be waiting for me there–frozen blueberries and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

We wound through the dark streets finally making it to the driveway. The trip had taken hours, but we had finally arrived. We dragged our tired bodies out of the car, whispering to one another to not wake the neighbors. I looked toward the front door as it inched open, light flooding into the yard. There she stood in her robe and bare feet. She waved at me and then spread her arms out. Pigtails bouncing, I hopped up the steps and into her arms. She took my little hand and led me into the house. The clock on wall chimed its melodic tune, as we went straight to the kitchen. A smile spread across my face as she reached into the freezer and pulled out frozen blueberries. I gleefully took the bag and began to munch on the cold sweetness. Dad stepped into the kitchen and she opened the lid to the cookie box. The smell of chocolate filled the room.

Pure happiness.

Every time we visited it was the same greeting. Hugs, kisses, blueberries, and cookies.

She didn’t spend a lot of money. She didn’t even spend a lot of time. But, she made sure her gifts of love were there every time we came. And–it brought us joy.

After snacking long enough to fill my tummy, sleep weighed on my eye lids. Grandma once again took my hand and led me to the bedroom. We walked past the bed toward the closet. I giggled as she told me that my special bed was waiting for me. That’s right. I slept in the closet. She would put a foam mattress down with pillows and blankets and I thought it was the Best. Thing. Ever.

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