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Normally, I don’t complain about technology (well…not much beyond “ACK! Why is the Internet so slooooowwww?”).  I’m having a hard time with Amazon and one of my book listings for Fields of Corn.  There seems to be a problem with it, Amazon has it locked so no one can buy it, but no one has contacted me to tell me what the problem is, how to fix it, or….well, they just haven’t contacted me.

For 5-6 days, I have been trying to correct the problem. But it’s near impossible to get anyone at Amazon.  Finally, I had to unpublish Fields of Corn (just the one version) so that it doesn’t show up as being unavailable to readers.  Hopefully the links that DO work will now be displayed.

I apologize to anyone who has been trying to buy book #1 in the series.  Just in case, here is the link to a working version on

5 thoughts on “Issues with Amazon

  1. Hi – just found your books and blog thru FaceBook – and am very impressed! You sound a lot like me and I envy the inroads you’ve made with the Amish community. : ) It looks like you are doing an outstanding job of handling everything yourself – but when things like this Amazon glitch happen there are other women called Virtual Assistants who specialize in a variety of tasks that can be hired to handle such issues. Not all of them have the same skills but you most likely can find one who know how to handle Amazon inside and out for a reasonable small fee. Please check out and search “Group: Services: Author Support” you may find someone who knows even how to increase your sales and make your passion more profitable.

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