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Imagine Heaven – A Gripping Read ~ Review by Susan Scott Ferrell

As a Christian, I approach books like Imagine Heaven with a heavy dose of skepticism. Although I am curious to read what the author has to say, the Bible is my primary and ultimate authority on all things, including Heaven, so I read with caution.

Now, with all of those qualifiers aside, I will say this was a very intriguing read. Author John Burke does an excellent job of incorporating accounts of people who have had a Near Death Experience (NDE) alongside scriptural accounts and details of Heaven. It is quite a compilation. He includes excerpts of Don Piper’s 90 Minutes in Heaven, Todd Burpo’s Heaven is for Real, as well as other peoples’ NDEs – some who believe in God, others who did not …even some who claim to have glimpsed hell.

Imagine Heaven is a gripping read. One of Burke’s reasons for writing this book is to encourage people to be excited about what awaits those who believe. His view is that these NDEs give back-up to the scriptures and even deepen the scriptural accounts. I believe he accomplishes that. Since reading Imagine Heaven, I have certainly reflected more about Heaven…and I have to say: I can hardly wait!

Susan Ferrell and her husband make their home in the Atlanta Metro area. Although Susan struggles with chronic migraine headaches, she stays very busy as a stay-at-home mom to one very precocious little girl. While catching her breath, she feeds her Amishaholic tendencies by reading vast amounts of Amish literature! Susan is a book reviewer for Destination Amish.

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