I’m thankful for…

Every Thanksgiving, we ponder this question. At the table, we discuss it. On the news, people recite their answers. Truly, there is so much to write in regards to this question. God, family, friends, love, happiness, life…

But there is also something else to be thankful for: the ability to look myself in the mirror each morning and like who stares back at me.

I’m thankful for the people whom have blessed me with their faith, grace, and love. I’m humbled by the spiritual aura of God that surrounds them. I’m learning so much from these friendships, friendships that are deeper than any other I have had before in my life.

God brings people together for a reason. And He keeps them together for another.

These people make me a better person. They teach me so much about myself, relationships, and God. I will continue to surround myself with these good people, people who are more than friends…they are family…as dear to me (and, on some days, perhaps dearer!) as if they were my own flesh and blood family.

I feel sorry for people who don’t have such amazingly powerful relationships, often because they are too self-absorbed to see the light of goodness in others…or even to care.  It’s so sad, isn’t it? I will continue to pray for those lost souls who are lonely, battling addiction, mental illness, and isolation. I pray they get the help and love that they need so that they, too, can look themselves in the mirror and like who stares back. Perhaps then, they, too, will have amazing relationships with God and dear friends like I have been blessed with having.

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