I did WHAT????

A while back, I was approached by Sam Lang to help him with a new novella for Halloween. He wanted to write about Amish and zombies.

At first, I thought that he was kidding. But he reminded me of my surprise “guest” appearance on a radio show with a panel of horror writers. Mark Miller had put me up to calling into the show to tease Gio, the host and one of my publishers. I’m always game for challenges so I called in, crashed the party, and asked (jokingly) “Why aren’t there any books about zombies and Amish?” There IS a book about vampires and Amish but no zombies.

Yes, I was kidding. But Sam apparently likes challenges, too.

He heard the radio show and approached me about collaborating on such a project.

And I said yes.

Now, before everyone reprimands me, hear me out. Sam and I chatted back and forth and agreed on certain parameters. The number one parameter was that it had to remain respectful of the Amish faith and culture. Sam had no problem with that and we began our journey. What evolved was a fun project that resulted in the very first Amish book with zombies in it!

Several people made strange faces at me when I told them. My husband asked if I was feeling OK. My mother and father asked me to repeat myself…TWICE!  However, once they read the book, they loved it. It tells the story of Moses Yoder and his small Amish community out west. They try to avoid the non-Amish population as much as possible. However, a strange virus begins to hit the Englischer community but, even more strange, avoids the Amish. I won’t tell you more than that. Don’t want to ruin the story for those of you who might read it out of curiosity.  😉

The story is a parable. It’s a little bit of plain vs. worldliness, purity vs. greed, obedience vs. indulgence, self-preservation vs. self-destruction It was a challenge but I think the end result is tasteful and tells a story that many of us can relate to on different levels. After all, aren’t we all in love with the Amish for the very reason that we envy their lives without worldliness, greed, indulgence, and self-destruction?

So, for any who care to dare…here’s the link for “FIELDS OF ZOMBIES: AN AMISH PARABLE“.

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  1. I will be getting this book. I didn’t know there were books about vampires and Amish! Don’t think I have ever seen those books.

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