I Could Live Here

I could live here.

That’s all. Here, in the jungle. Scary noises, yucky spiders, angry ants, camouflage alligators.


Don’t care. They are entitled to be here. Like me, they serve a purpose. God’s purpose.

Marc and I chose Belize for a reason. He was thinking we could retire here. We decided to check it out.

I’m sitting in the airport, waiting for him to arrive. And I wonder what he will think. Will he feel the same way?

Could he retire here? Spend winters here?

Is this all part of God’s plan for me?

There is more Christianity here than most places in the US. I stopped to buy fishing gear and had a man preach to me about Jesus. Actually he was preaching to someone else. I asked him to continue.

I’ve never done that before. I never heard some worker preaching to another before. Why? Because someone would sue us in the US. We cannot display the commandments or say Merry Christmas. It’s politically “incorrect” even though church and state are supposed to be kept separate. Seems the state had a lot to say about the church, doesn’t it? Or at least how not to be religious. To connect with God.

Down here, they are accepting of all faiths. They mind their business but will share if asked. Sometimes when not asked. But no one is going to sue a school to prove a pointless point…and please do not comment about rights. Whenever one person claims a peaceful group has “violated” his or her rights because of silent prayer or saying Merry Christmas or the display of the Ten Commandments, we have lost our rights.

Of course, to change this, we have to be accepting of other faiths and their right to display religious items or greet each other based on their holidays.

I’m ok with that. As long as it’s peaceful.

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