Humility vs. Ego

Did you know that the opposite of humility is ego?

The word ego typically means an exaggerated sense of self-importance, which usually results is an excessive preoccupation with “self.”*

The Amish do not have big egos. In fact, the core of their culture and religion is humility. I find it interesting that there is an awful lot of “ego” running rampant in the world today. Whether it is politicians, entertainers, or even regular Joe’s (or Jane’s), there seems to be an excessive preoccupation of self.

This is one of the reasons that the Amish do not recruit or evangelize, not in the same manner that other religions do. They do not profess to have the best or only path to salvation. They do not try to enlarge their numbers just for having a large following. They understand that true believers will join them of their own free will. They do not profess to being the best or the largest or the most knowledgeable. Instead, they are humble in their roots as well as their daily lives.

They live the truth rather than merely speak it. They practice humility instead of pretending to have it. They enjoy the simple things in life and leave it to the non-Amish to fret over acquiring quantity of things or people but focus on quality of life.

Ego is a sickness, a way for insecure people to act out their own self-inflated importance.

Today, I will be confident in myself and shelve any sense of ego, focusing on the quality of the good in life that I already have rather than trying to manipulate life by focusing on acquiring more…

What about you?