Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
Romans 12:12 

Isn’t hope a wonderful, most positive thing? I find that I am constantly lifting my eyes to heaven and praying in hope that the good Lord answers prayers. My prayers are for the good of all people. I pray for happiness and joy for people, for health in those that are afflicted, for love in those that are heart-broken, and for relief for those that feel grief. There is so much goodness in the world. Why dwell on the things that are less than positive?

My eyes are blinded by the love of the Lord and the goodness in people. I have met so many good people recently. My heart swells with love and joy when I receive a text or email or message from my new-found friends. Still, I often find others that wallow in sadness…some rightly so, others…well, let’s just pray for their relief. I sure do.

When I see hardship or hopelessness, I pray for relief for those that are true to the word of God. Are there not small victories in each sunrise and sunset? In the voice of little sparrows that sing from the bushes? In the musical notes that flow from those that lift their voices in song to God?

Just tonight, I was outside writing on my patio. I have a large bamboo bush that hangs over a lounge chair. The little sparrows were singing and jumping from branch to branch. I set my laptop aside and listened to their play. It uplifted my soul and I thought of my dear friends, the ones that find joy in saving a small sparrow or laughing at naughty grandchildren. Life is so full of small blessings. Why dwell on the hardships and negatives when life is so full of positives?

My wish for everyone is to follow Romans 12:12 and rejoice in all that is full of hope. Notice the leaves changing or the shift in the wind. See the beauty in the sunset over the waters or the sunrise over the trees. God is everywhere and we are the recipient of His love.

Much blessings!


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  1. I too have found to rejoice in Gods Blessings. After being dx with cancer you appreciate more what God has given you. You slow down & notice things you never took the time to notice before. A child learning how to ride the escalator at the mall, the fascination of a child receiving a Happy Meal toy, how good the warmth of the sun feels after a cold rain. Just a few of the things I’ve taken notice of lately. Thanks for posting Sarah & God Bless You.

  2. As I lay dying after surgery, I saw my husband’s grandmother, who had died this very month 1 year prior, She was standing at the foot of the hospital bed. She spoke in her broken English/Polish, ‘ You no gunna die. Is no your time.’ She then vanished. The next sound I heard was the voice of my surgeon saying, ” What is her pressure?” The nurse said “70 with no bottom.” An orderly entered my room and pushed me bed and all as fast as he could run to the operating room where I had the surgery to stop the hemorrhaging. God sent me a messenger and my life was forever changed. I was 24 years old which was 42 years ago this past May. Pray for guidance, and accept that which is given, the past is just the past. God’s plan for each of us is his to watch as it unfolds. He is a good and loving God.

  3. I love your daily messages! I never allow myself to be sad for very long! Today I was so thankful for the rain we received yesterday (I live in San Diego County) , oh the garden loves fresh water!! I have such need of hope, and am thankful for God’s continual promises, making “hope” a daily benefit in my life! Thank you for all your stories, books, prayers and daily comments filled with joy and love and reminders of our Lord’s loving kindness.

  4. I find a lot of joy in watching the birds, sunsets and sunrises. Even the storm clouds can be very beautiful. The night sky is gorgeous and when looking at all these different things you know there is always hope and it fills your heart with so much joy. Spring & Fall are my favorite seasons. With them come the joy of seeing the world come to life with all the beauty comes with the grass, trees & flowers spring into life. And the Fall brings the beautiful colors that only God can sent to us. Early this morning I seen the new moon and a beautiful star close by it. I had to stand at the door way and watch it for a while. More of God s beauty in our universe. All these thing bring hope, love and joy. God is so good to each and everyone of us. Without Him we’d have none of the things. I am so grate to Him in all things.

  5. I love your uplifting messages. I seek His word daily and read out of a book of Amish prayers, then I go outside and take the dogs for a walk. There is just something about walking that trail that calms a troubled soul. If you seek beauty you will find it.2 wild turkeys today yesterday a deer, who knows what will be seen tomorrow.

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