Update on eBook Contest

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Labor Day has come and gone. I’m still weeding through my multiple submissions. Or, should I say, READING my way through the multiple submissions. I enjoy reading the plots, learning about the new characters, and discovering the joy of new, undiscovered talent! The publishing industry has a lot to learn about the quality of writers […]

A New Month, a Fresh Start

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There is something about the beginning of a new month.  It’s a fresh start to life…just like New Year’s Day.  For all of your writers, commit to doing something wonderful this month.  Finish a chapter or a book–even if only a rough draft.   For all of your readers, consider some of the wonderful eBooks that […]

New Manuscript Started

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Sometimes it just hits you like a lightening bolt. While I was finishing up Gypsy in Black, I was dreading what was to follow. My mind was blank. Do I start the novel about my husband’s past living in France, Israel, and Iran and how we met? Or should I continue with the Amish series? […]

Delays with Gypsy

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It’s so hard when you are so close yet so far!!! It’s killing me. Gypsy in Black was finished when I decided to do a massive overhaul and re-write complete sections. I wasn’t happy with how the two main characters were playing out on paper. He was too hard, she was too hard. I wanted […]