Mental Health in America

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This morning–as I was yesterday–I find myself glued to the television, watching in mourning with the rest of the country about the senseless murders that took place yesterday in Uvalde, Texas. My heart breaks for all of those families of the deceased and the survivors who witnessed these murders. The community will never be the […]

Update: Fruits of the Spirit Episode 13

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When we last left the Gibbons Road Amish Community, things were hanging on by a thread. Both Zach Yoder and Katie King had just received very disturbing news. Barbara Riehl was stunned at the treatment she’d just received by her mother and brother. And Lena Yoder’s progress taming the mustang was moving along at a […]

Kindness? What Kindness?

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Golden Rule I grew up under the heavy weight of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Remember that one? We learned that sweet little nugget in Sunday school 101. If you think about it, the Golden Rule basically sums up most of the Ten Commandments. No one likes […]