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I don’t normally push my books to my blog readers which, considering selling books is how I earn a living, I probably should do so more. HA HA.  But I like to share other ideas and thoughts with everyone, engage in conversation and discussions.

Well, in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I’d share my thoughts on Christmas novels.

First of all, I really love writing Amish fiction and, as some of you may know, I love adding twists and turns into my stories. Just today, I finished writing NEXT year’s Christmas novel and submitted it to my editor. (input CHEERS and APPLAUSE). Of all my Christmas novels, it was THE. HARDEST. TO. WRITE. Literally, I rewrote it THREE TIMES and was late getting it to my editor.

I cried a lot over this book. Mostly because I was ready for it to be over…I have SOOOO many other books brewing in my mind. This book, however, was super sweet and fun, uplifting and joyful, and sooooo full of romance. And for some reason, I had a tough time.  Go figure.

Ironically, when I wrote my other Christmas novels, they flowed so easily. In fact, A Christmas Gift for Rebecca was so easy to write because I saw the entire sweet romance take place in my mind–that internal movie theatre I was blessed with. The Amish Christmas Letters’ sassy Katie Mae Kauffman made the story entertaining for me to write! I love a little gal with some sass (HMMMMM…I wonder why??????)

Plain Christmas was fun because I got to revisit Amanda and Alejandro from my famous Plain Fame series. It was eight years since I last left them and…YES…I’m considering a Plain Choice sequel in 2020.

What makes a Christmas novel so special to write and to read? Well, obviously I want to entertain you (and, hopefully, cry a little). But it’s also about that time of year where God gave us the ultimate gift: HIS SON. To write a Christmas novel, something has to happen that mirrors that gift, a gift that spoke of hopes and dreams and never-ending love.

I hope you will read some of my Christmas books, books that you might not have read yet. And follow me on Facebook as I’ll be announcing a Christmas contest based on these books.  <3

Christmas Book Banner for Sarah Price, Author of Amish Fiction

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