Hiding behind emails

It’s been a while since I have written. I’ve been on vacation and working on Plain Change as well as a few other projects. Overall, things have been going remarkably well in my life so it grieves me to have to share this with everyone.

Back in July, many of you know that a certain individual (whom I have never named but this person has readily self-identified herself on Facebook) began harassing me to the point of creating a blog, posting what looked like restraining orders against me and my husband (restraining order which, mind you, were never served and claimed I had flown down there to Florida and showed up at her doorstep, which, I can assure you, never happened), even calling my place of employment, identifying herself by name (!), and telling anyone who would answer the phone that I was trying to kill her.

I could leave all of that alone, despite the other public things this person has done under her many fake names on Facebook. However, when the public attacks on me ceased, a more private battle began to take place. And this is where I must drawn the line.

“Someone” has been emailing Sherri. Not just once or twice, but several dozen times. The emails are “masked”, sometimes saying that they are coming from me (they aren’t), other times with simple XXXXXXX’s in the return address, and tonight masked as if Sherri is emailing herself. Police are involved and a special technology unit managed to trace the emails to two locations, one in Florida and one in Indiana.

Despite the fact that we cannot prove that the tormenter is the same, we do have confirmation that the Florida city is the same which leads me to believe that there must be some involvement from that individual since the emails obsess about the friendship between Sherri and I. The emails tend to be sent at night, after 10pm, and every three weeks. The cyclical nature of this person’s attacks often make me wonder about the extent of the underlying psychological disorder or, as I suspect, possible substance abuse. Perhaps a combination of both.

Why do I share this with you? In the hopes that it will stop. I cannot share this on Facebook for the bully likes to “report” any rebuttals as harassment on Facebook but is smart enough to know that blogs offer much more freedom of speech.

Any of those emails will be public record from this point forward. I have promised Sherri that I will print them here, so that others can see the way another person can use the written word to hurt innocent people, delighting in spreading evil with the hidden world of emails while publicly claiming to be a victim!