Helping Hands Press Contest: What’s in a Word?

In my travels, first as a writer and now as an author, I run across so many people who have a story to tell. Frankly, I’d be deeply sadden if I met someone who didn’t have a story to tell. After all, we are living creatures, made by God. His intention wasn’t for us to be born and just…be. It was to born and live.

Key to living is our ability (and necessity) to dream. Behind every story, behind every idea, behind every aspiration is that one word: dream. I wonder if that was God’s ultimate plan for all of us for certainly we cannot live if we do not dream.

What’s in a word? As an author, I love to study words and their meanings. Linguistics was always a favorite course of study for me at college. Words change over time, too. Years and years ago, well before I was even thought of, the word “writer” meant something special. To dream to be a writer was a high aspiration, indeed. Not many people could have that dream. Spare time to write was a luxury and very, very few made a living out of it.

Today, however, when people ask me what I do for a living, if I respond that I’m a writer, their eyes glaze over and that’s about the extent of the conversation. Most recently, I change the word from “writer” to “author” and that sparks a completely different level of interest.

Person: “Tell me about your book you are writing?”
Me: “Which one?”Person: “You are writing more than one?”
Me: “And I’ve published over 40.”


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