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Heavenly Blues

Heavenly BluesMany of you may have noticed that, besides Amish fiction, I’ve been publishing some non-Amish fiction. It’s a genre called women’s issues.

You might wonder why I would want to write in a different genre. For starters, I have always loved change and welcome new challenges. And writing in this genre is definitely a new challenge.

My upcoming book, Heavenly Blues, focuses on a character, Laura, who you met briefly in my book, The Faded Photo. She is a woman just like you and I: a wife, mother, employee. In the 21st century, we might escape to the world of the Amish through the pages of my books like Plain Fame or Belle, but in reality it’s just that: an escape.

For most of us, our day-to-day lives are very different than the Amish. We juggled many different balls and, if you are like me, might have difficulties keeping all of those balls in the air.

Sidebar: Even though I traveled with the circus when I was 18 and 21, I never learned to juggle. 🙁

Laura is the kind of woman who is determined to learn how to juggle. She is not going to drop even one ball. But when she begins to take on too much, she finds herself relying on anxiety medicine to cope. There’s nothing illegal about that, right? I mean, that’s why the doctors prescribe it.

But Laura is a nurse. And when her doctor notices that she’s requesting too many refills of her medication, he changes her medicine.

You can imagine what happens next–or, preferably, you could buy the book from or pre-order on to find out. 🙂

The scenario painted in Heavenly Blues is a very real one. I was surprised to realize how often medical personnel become addicted to pain medicine. But there is something deeper about Heavenly Blues. How do we tolerate the stress in our daily lives? Why do we permit ourselves to continually take on more and more obligations so that we become so stressed? Why can’t we simplify our lives and our expectations so that we avoid so much stress?

I’m the queen of stress. Hands down. I always over commit and, once I make a promise, I keep it. I have a hard time saying the word “NO” because I want to help people: family, friends, even strangers. And yet, I’m normally a fairly calm person (notice the stress on the word normally…lol). I do not rely on medicines to be that way, either. And I have access to anxiety medicine, medicine that I rarely ever use. Why do some people rely so heavily on it? Why do some get addicted when others do not? Is it faith that makes the difference? Or something else? Surely we cannot say that all people who struggle with addiction don’t have faith. I’d find that hard to believe.

Laura is an unique person in that she is very real. She might not be you or me, but she is a sister, a colleague, or a friend. This is a story about how we cope with the struggles of daily life in the 21st century. It is also a story about family dynamics, faith in God, and personal strength to overcome inner demons.

I’ll be curious to learn what you think about Heavenly Blues as well as your continued feedback about The Faded Photo.

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2 thoughts on “Heavenly Blues

  1. I’ve just finished reading Heavenly Blues. It is relevant to today’s society with the stress of women or men working while rearing children , with or without spouses, or significant others . Our lives seem to be so rushed these days with more out of the house activities everywhere. Individuals, marriages and families are so stressed ! Expectations of perfectionism are great ,and many people forget to prioritize their time. I believe this contributes to our rise in drug addiction as well as the lessening of religious ramifications.
    It was interesting to see how rampant drug addiction is among nurses. I had heard that. Laura, the main character of the story reminds me of the female character in Sarahs’ book An Empty Cup. They both are women who continually give so much to help others that they forget to take care of themselves, and we must take of ourselves to be able to help others.
    Heavenly Blues , while a different genre book from her Amish Stories, is current to several problems in our society today. True to Sarahs’ development of characters and storylines, you ‘ll enjoy her new book, Heavenly Blues.

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