Heat Wave…

Today is supposed to be really hot in the Northeast. I know that my own family is suffering from the heat since my air conditioning unit went kaput yesterday…just in time for a 100 degree day!  When my daughter complained about how hot it was last night, I quipped “Well, imagine if you were Amish? You’d never have air conditioning!” I don’t think she appreciated my pointing that out to her.

However, after I shut the light and retired to my own room, I started thinking about the Amish and how they survive such hot weather. It isn’t as though the men can slip on a pair of shorts or the ladies into a tank top or sleeveless dress. Frankly, the material that they use for their clothing is not the coolest, either.

So what do they do?

The children will most likely find a stream or pond and go swimming. They’ll splash around and play after they have finished all of their chores. Mayhaps they will be lucky and their mamm will make homemade ice cream in the evening for a special treat. Some will probably play in sprinklers, if they don’t have a pond or stream nearby.

If they live in a two story home, anyone who sleeps on the second floor will probably move downstairs. Heat rises and those second floor rooms can be really stifling hot. I know from having stayed at the Lapp farmhouse one time in the summer. Even with windows open, it’s just plain sticky!

Katie S., the Amish woman whose house I rent a room, retreats to the basement. It’s cooler down there and she has a single bed set up so that she can sleep where it is cooler. Some of the more modern houses may have air conditioning units already attached. The Amish cannot use them unless they have an elderly parent living with them.  Katie S. has a neighbor who has one of these units. When their 90 year old mother visits, they have permission from the church to run the air conditioning unit. I’m not certain if it is solar powered or powered by electricity (they have a Mennonite woman who lives in an apartment on their property and she has electricity).

When I asked Lizzie if she ever thinks about cheating and running that AC even when her mamm isn’t there, she laughed and said, “Yes! But someone would notice my windows were shut and tell the bishop for certain!” I thought that was funny. Even Amish have to watch their backs!  😉

Many of the Amish will put out tubs of water by the end of their driveway and under the shade of a tree. Passing buggies can stop to let their horses cool off and get a refreshing drink. I think it’s endearing that so many Amish farms are doing this. I love how well they treat their horses.

So, while I’m waiting for the repair man to (hopefully) come to fix my AC unit in the house, I’ll be thinking about my friends in Leola, PA today and hoping that they are all staying cool.

9 thoughts on “Heat Wave…

    1. Don’t they? Maybe the older farms just don’t have them. The house where I stay, however, is newer and she does have screens. I’ll find out when I go back to Leola in a few weeks. Great question!

  1. Maybe they don’t use screens because, even though the screens allow air to come through, the breeze would increase if there were no screens.
    Just an idea. LOL!

  2. I can not see how they can really get threw the hot day but they do, I know that I am lucky I have a small apt. an I stay pretty cool I have two small fans but I have all three of my windows an door open so the air can circle. They say high eighties an ninties tomorrow. I will spend the days reading an staying in all day. It will be hot for us that is for sure. Have to go to the library two books waiting for me so have to go get them, Books are my life. Have a great weekend everyone. Have lost ice for that cold drink, mine is Pepsi.

  3. They are raised never having A/C so they are probably more used to it than we would be. But am sure it is still very hard on them to be so hot all day and having to work in the heat as well. At least most of those who work in the heat in the English world can go home to A/C and cool off. Hope you have a cooler basement
    to go to Sarah. I hope you get your A/C back quickly.

  4. My A/C has been messed up too since the 3rd. But my wonderful son in law and g-son put in 2 window units. That and fans are keeping us cool enough. I have a 7 yr old Pug she was having a rough time so put 3 fans in the room she prefers to stay in. Part for A/C will be $789.;00 UGH, Patti in VA

  5. I remember those hot sticky nights as a kid. We didn’t have air conditioning & the humidity hung in the air. When my parents got an air conditioner for their bedroom all the kids slept on the floor in their room. what a treat. My house now had 1 a/c unit which I hardly ever use. I work nights & my husband bought me an a/c for the bedroom so I could sleep better during the day instaed of using a fan. I also have a pool now & love to cool down with a swim before bed. Something about a swimming pool just cools you right down.

  6. We don’t have air conditioning either so what I do is run a window fan in the bedrooms and livingroom all night and then when I awake we pull them out, shut the blinds and it usually keeps cool. We don’t see much sun but we aren’t overwhelmed either. Hope everything works out and you recieve air soon. Stay cool and God Bless! Sonja via Danville, PA

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