Happy Sunday!

Today is a new day. It’s the beginning of the week and that always inspires me. It’s a new beginning. I think about all of the wonderful things I’d like to get done this week:

>> Enjoy morning coffee on the back deck, watching my birds.

>> Take walks with (some of) the dogs at dusk and hopefully see a deer or two.

>> Finish my first draft of next novel, Plain Fame.

>> Work on my new novella, Amish Circle Letters.

>> Organize my office for winter (i.e. confiscate it from my husband who doesn’t use it).

>> Plan for radio interview on Friday on the G-Zone with Giovanni Gelati. 🙂

I suppose I have a longer list of things I’d like to get done but these are the ones that are floating at the top.

I often wonder how the Amish plan their weeks. Every time I stop by the Lapp farm, they are so busy: canning meat, making cheese, making ice cream (and the BEST ice cream ever…not related to the Lapp Family Ice Cream stand in Kitchen Kettle Village, however). The house might not be very tidy and the children tend to be…well…children with torn knees and tousled hair. But they are one happy family.

sarah's amish farm three

The last two times that I was out there, the youngest daughter, Katie (yes, another Katie) really bonded with me. We even went out to a woodworking store together (so I could recruit him to make me a cheese press) and to buy Whoopie Pies. I always bring treats to the house for the children and the adults. With big eyes and a quick smile, she soaks up everything I say and do. Her mother tells me that little Katie drives her crazy. I laugh at her and tell her that I’d be happy to take her home for a few weeks. Katie grins and her mother teases back, “I might just think about that!”

Her mother and I get along well…an unlikely friendship that evolved over the years for some unknown reason on her part. She’s very private, doesn’t like company, and works so hard…every day…from sunrise to after sunset. Yet, she has welcomed me into her life. I’ve been invited to family picnics, birthday parties, lunches, and canning bees. She has confided in me, cried on my shoulder, and listened to my own troubles.

Her big vacation for the year is an overnight camping trip. She looks forward to it all year. After working so hard, I can imagine 36 hours without chores is a vacation.

Well, enjoy the Sunday, the dawn of the week. Plan your work and work your plan. Hopefully by next week, you’ll have a few things checked off your list and can sit back, feeling as if you accomplished something…even if it is just reading a good book outside in the shade.




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  1. I am planning to start some Fall house cleaning. Getting rid of clothes and other items that have not been used in years. That will be a big accomplishment and one that really needs to be done. My husband loves to do garage sales so maybe get that done now that the weather has cooled off. But can’t imagine ever working a hard as the Amish Ladies do every day.

  2. I love to visit the Amish in PA ,,but this year my husband is too sick to viist so hope he recovers so we can go in the spring ..he loves to watch the Amish farmers doing the field work ,they work so hard to run thier farms and the ladys always working to keep thier homes pretty…Jane and Paul Morrill

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