Happy New Year!!!!

2014 is upon us. From a 1960s baby, that sounds soooooo strange (granted, I was BARELY a 1960s baby but…).  

Looking at 2013, we sure had an interesting ride…First, there were lots of books that readers seemed to adore (Plain Fame Trilogy, The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters, and Amish Circle Letters II). I managed to finally meet “Alejandro” after one failed attempt (gracias, Erin Brady…lol) but managed to get a wonderful hug (or three) and “Wow you are amazing” comment…all on the day that I found out that I had breast cancer. And let’s not forget that “Alejandro” chased my daughter, Cat, around and that, too, was priceless to see him catch her, hug her, and kiss her for the camera. 

My niece, Katie G., won a national contest for her song, Pretty Good at Lying, that she wrote for me to accompany one of my Tomato Patch books about bullying, based on my own experiences being bullied in 2012. We were invited to speak at several NJ schools about bullying and Katie G. was there alongside me to sing her song…to standing ovations, might I add. 

And then there was the amazing Cinderella story with Realms, an imprint of Charisma House. How blessed I feel that they chose me. Each person at Charisma has been nothing but amazing. A true, true blessing. God surely is smiling down upon us.  And all of this…despite the complications of surgery after surgery in 2013 from cancer. 

So what is in store for 2014? A LOT! Sit back and buckle up. It’s going to be a wild ride. 

  • Starting the first week of January, I will begin hosting a weekly YouTube show: The Sarah Price Show. The first introduction episode will be posted during the day tomorrow! Regular guests will include Lisa Ann Bull, Michelle Dawn, and Whoopie Pie Pam. Sue Laitinen and Cat Zimmerman will be assisting me with video production and editing. We will also have special guest throughout the year. YAY YOU TUBE! 
  • My first book, First Impressions (a tale of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen) with Realms (Charisma House) will be shipped on May 6th. Don’t forget to pre-order to lock into the lowest price prior to shipping. eBooks will be available shortly, too!
  • In the Fall, my second book, Amish Emma (title tentative) will be available from Realms, too. This is another tale written about modern day Amish based on Jane Austen’s classic Emma. 
  • The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters Book 3 and the Complete Trilogy will be available by January 31st. What will happen with those wild Miller sisters????
  • A new series, The Amish Martyrs Mirror, will be published in 2014. It will be based upon the Amish “bible” (and I use that word loosely…it’s a book that is in every home but does NOT replace the Holy Bible). It will be released in “books” each quarter, retelling the stories of how the Anabaptist movement began with modern day adaptations.
  • A second Pink Umbrellas book will be published in the Spring, written by yours truly and my darling LRWF Lisa Ann Bull. <3
  • The Whoopie Pie Place Trilogy will be released in three books beginning in the summer (tentative…life happens so be kind if that date slips). 
  • The Whoopie Pie Place Store (a real entity now…founded by Pam Jarrell and yours truly) is now open and will have an online component within the beginning of the year so that you can buy all sorts of crafts, baked goods, and Amish made items. YAY Pam for her amazing ingenuity!!!!!
  • Don’t forget the Whoopie Pie Festival on Labor Day in Lancaster County! Not only will I be joining Whoopie Pie Pam but I’m bringing Miss Katie G. with me to sing her country songs!!!!

And that’s just going into 2014. Who knows what else will pop up along the way??? I just am glad to have so many people in my lives that support my writing, my friendship, and my love of the Amish and God. 

Despite 2013 being rather…well…interesting…I enjoyed it anyway and that was because of YOU…my reader-friends. Without you and your emails, private messages, letters, and gifts (prayer shawls, prayer books, earrings, love, and pretty pictures from your children), I would never have survived. Please keep the letters coming. I love them. And I want to read one letter a week on my new WEB show, if that’s OK with you. They are so special. I want to share YOU with the world. 

I hope you all have a fantabulous New Year’s and I am looking forward to 2014 for so many reasons…one of the most important, besides God’s blessings on me, is YOU. 


Sarah Price