Happy New Year!

New Year’s is my favorite holiday for a reason. It’s a new beginning, a fresh start. Of course, there is the added benefit that the holidaze are over. For me, I could really do without the stress of Commerial Christmas and simply enjoy Religious Christmas. But I don’t live on a desserted island so I know it doesn’t work that way.

Regardless, New Year’s is a great time to reassess where I was twelve month’s prior and how far I’ve traveled during that period of time. I also use this time to reflect about the future and plan my goals for the year.

Sometimes I make a Vision Board. It’s a simple piece of paper where I print out (or cut out) photos that I glue to the paper and eventually laminate. It’s not for anyone else to see but me. Usually I do five-year Vision Boards. This year, I’m going to do one just for 2018 so that, in twelve months, I can see if I’ve achieved my goals.

In addition to my personal goals, I have professional goals and, in order to achieve them, I have to make a few changes.

Last year, I began the Amish Fiction Authors blog. So often, people ask me for recommendations for authors to read or a list of authors to avoid. While I won’t do the latter, I’m happy to help with the former. So I’ve invited authors that I like and respect to write on the blog. You might notice some names missing. That doesn’t mean that I don’t care for those authors. Either they were busy, don’t like to blog, or were not invited.

In the world of writing, I’ve found that many authors operate in cliques. Over the years, I’ve tried to invite other authors to do things together. I’ve done interviews, book reviews, posted blogs, etc. Surprisingly, very few reciprocated.

That’s not very nice and it hurt my feelings. 🙁

Besides sharing my favorite authors (and ones who are genuine friends) like Patricia Davids, Jennifer Beckstrand, and the others on Amish Fiction Authors, I’ve decided to use that blog for all of my Amish related postings. Moving forward, my blog will focus on all aspects of writing, not just Amish.

On Wednesdays, I will be posting blogs about writing so that other aspiring writers can, hopefully, learn from my journey. Everywhere I go, people seem to have written or intend to write a book. I’d love to sit down with each of them for a few hours, but realistically I can’t. Time is precious when you are a writer—if the creative neurons are kicking, I need to be writing, not talking over coffee, unfortunately.

Additionally, I will be starting a podcast that will include interviews with my favorite authors of all genres as well as interesting guests who have great ideas or insight into writing, genres, or marketing topics.

Finally, I intend to continue writing in different genres. Years ago, this was discouraged by traditional publishers. I even contemplated with using a different pen name to separate the genres: Amish romance, young adult, romantic comedy, non-fiction. But I realized that, contrary to the old sages who baulk at authors who wrote in multiple genres because it muddied their brand, that this is my brand.

When readers pick up a Sarah Price book, they know that it will be clean and wholesome…no sex scenes, bad language, debauchery, etc. There will be Christian themes within the story which, if I do my job properly, will take the reader on a journey where they end the book a different person than when they began it. That is my brand and I don’t believe it needs to be limited to just one genre.

So, as you can see, 2018 is going to be a year of changes. It’s also going to be a year of reading. On January 30, my very first novel, Fields of Corn—a novel I originally wrote in 1987 and a publisher told me no one would every want to read it…a novel that kicked off my writing career—will be in all the Walmarts that carry the Love Inspired books by Random House’s imprint, Harlequin. This will be followed by Hills of Wheat, Pastures of Faith, and Valley of Hope. I’ll keep you posted on the dates.

And, of course, Ella will be released on May 29th, 2018 . Don’t forget to preorder it. That makes me and, more importantly, my publishers happy. 🙂

With that being said, Happy New Year and may 2018 be fabulous for all of us. <3

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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I truly enjoy all the write. I read your stories on Kindle and find myself engrossed in each of them. You feel like a friend who really cares about her readers. Most of all I appreciate your Christian values. Looking forward to more stories and books.

    Lorraine Thompson.
    Retired teachers for 26 years

  2. Happy New Year Sarah! Thank you for all the time you put into keeping us posted thru morning coffee, your blog and your posts. I love that you have other trusted authors joining your blog. I read every entry and always enjoy them. I have all your books and love each and every one. I look forward to seeing what 2018 has in store. Thank you for blessing our lives by reaching out and taking time to connect with us. HUGS

  3. I’ve read all your books and love them . I’m so glad you write the way you do. I also enjoy you morning coffee, blogs and your posts. Looking forward to following you in 2018.

  4. Happy New Year Sarah! I always look forward to your book’s & especially your morning coffee & all the different thing’s you share & discuss. I enjoy our personal chat’s & getting to see you. I understand your feeling of hurt by other’s, I too have experienced it by suppose friend turned stalker, twisted stories & christian person who causes problem’s. But that’s okay I’ve learned from you & other’s to move on, don’t need people like that in my life! Sarah you are a genuine caring human being who I’m honored to call my dear friend. I’m so happy you feel in love with Indiana,I look forward to attending all your event’s there this year. Wishing you an awesome 2018 of writing. Hugz

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