Happy Amish Autumn

I love Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the autumn. The colors begin to change and there is a new type of life in the air. Gone are the green corn fields, replaced with brown stalks. Food stands at the end of the lanes are replaced with pumpkins, Indian corn and gourds for sale: colorful decorations for the Englische, a way of life for the Amish. Inside the homes, the summer kitchen begins canning new foods for the winter: applesauce, meats, peppers, and late blooming tomatoes.

ImagePersonally, I love this time of year. I wake up earlier and curl up with a cup of coffee, eager to dive into my writing. Autumn is my time of year…a time to write, reflect, and watch the seasons change. In the evening, a nice warm fire outside is always a welcomed treat.

Enjoy this first day of autumn!!!