Gypsy In Black…PUBLISHED

I know I may have jumped the gun but I was tired…tired of waiting. I published it ahead of edit time but I know that it is 90% good to go. I have worked on this book since 1990! I am done. The amazing thing is that I was killing myself over the ending but…believe it or not…it hit me like a ton of bricks at the last minute (read: week) and it all came together. Suddenly, it all made sense and it was…DONE! What else is there to do but to publish it? I published it at a low rate in the hopes that I would get feedback so that I can so my normal polishing and up-the-anty. 🙂 So, early readers…have fun and give me feedback! In the meantime, I’m onto my next book…it’s about my husband’s life in France and Israel while I was growing up in America.

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