Guest Posting: Pen Names

By Marc Schumacher

I have to expose a horrible treachery to you! Many of the readers who follow Sarah Price will not like it, yet some may already be aware of it. Surely some will feel disappointed or even betrayed. This is not done out of resentment, jealousy or because I am just…crazy . This is not because I want to stir up controversy or see my own book sales increase either. It just the way it has to be…Plain and simple.

Here it goes.


Sarah Price’s Daisy Doodle is not her pet pig real name. It is actually her (pig)pen name! Her real name is…Wee Wee the Piggy (also known as Princess Wee Wee and, when in trouble, PIG!, BAD GIRL!, and NAUGHTY PIGGY!).

There. I said it. The truth is now out and she is exposed. It feels so much better now. It’s as if a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I could not see so many good people subjected to such deception. My conscience would not let me!

You see, Daisy Doodle would consider coming out of the (pig)pen thing. Just like some people decide to come out of the closet. She wants to come out clean which, for a pig, as most will admit, is a real tough undertaking with that ever-digging powerful snout of hers. But can we really blame her for assuming that other identity? Did she want, just like Miss Piggy, to have her own star name, separate from her private life? Actually, it’s not even that.

The other day she told me that she wished to honor her mother who had made her the pick of the litter by adopting her own name: Daisy. And because Wee Wee the Pig is well known for doodling around in her sand box restlessly, she actually chose Daisy Doodle. Certainly beats Wee Wee the Pig, wouldn’t you think? But for Sarah Price to hide the truth from us, her faithful followers, what a piggy thing to do, wouldn’t you say?

However, to her own defense in this conspiracy, Wee Wee brought up another very valid reason for having used a pen name on her Internet postings.

You see, as she was getting well known and had a whole slew of “Likes” and “Friends” on Facebook, rather than feeling as happy as a pig in (Well, you know what), Wee Wee started to feel a little… overwhelmed. She wanted to protect her privacy. Her very sister who lives in the same neighborhood had her own pigpen vandalized and some of her most precious possessions stolen by a bunch of boars. DD/Wee Wee was afraid about her own piggy bank. Then she thought: Having an alias on the Internet, while preventing her postings to be used for ill-purposes by potential robbers, would actually allow her to get closer to her fans. She could now divulge such private information as: When she was taking a piggy ride with her family, what she was doing with her private piggy life, where her favorite acorn place was located, what her personal rooting habits were and the like, without the fear of having all that information fall into the wrong hands.

In short, Daisy Doodle did not want to become another statistic.

Unfortunately, as you must know, dear readers, in any litter there is always a Queen “Wanna” Bee, or (in DD/Wee Wee’s case) a Queen “Wanna” Pig, who thinks that her snout is better than others’ and wants to…hog all of the attention for herself. She will not hesitate to dig into the dirt to try to unearth some juicy truffle, even if there is none to be found. And that is exactly what happened to DD/Wee Wee. As her Internet presence and her popularity were growing, she saw herself accused of wrong doings that had no merit or foundation. And Queen “Wanna” Pig started invading DD/Wee Wee’s private life.

At first DD/Wee Wee wanted to tell that pigheaded Queen Sow Wannabe to leave her alone and mind her own pigwash. DD/Wee Wee was not looking for a piggyback so why try to cause her all that epigastric pain? But DD/Wee Wee’s beliefs and proper upbringing convinced her to accept and forgive. She has been doing just that until now, yet the perpetrator became pigheaded and the attacks increased. She has received many letters from her fans and others who, like her, have been pigsticked by the Queen Sow Wannabe and she is thankful for that.

So, what will it be dear readers? Should we let Daisy Doodle continue as…Daisy Doodle, or should she be forced to divulge the details of her personal life as Wee Wee the Piggy?

December 2012

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In the next book, Peek-a-boo and Daisy Doodle, Peek-a-boo’s owner comes home with a new and strange looking pet. When Peek-a-boo finds out that a pig has moved into the house, she refuses to befriend it. The other dogs like the piggy and Peek-a-boo finds herself lonely. Should she give the pig a chance?

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  1. I would think it best to leave Daisy Doodle as Daisy Doodle and not run the risk of he having a complex later in life. She will work it out with her litter mates; that I am sure of. God Blesss all !!!

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