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Guest Post by Michelle Dawn

Hello! My name is Michelle Dawn from Destination Amish and I am Wednesday’s Wanderer. Today, I am going to share some pictures with everyone but first here are a few random facts about me.

  1. I have read A LOT of Amish fiction but now I am semi-retired from book reviewing.
  2. I live in what I affectionately dub “Amishland.”
  3. Donuts must be consumed on a daily basis in my house.
  4. I love all things miniature especially ponies and goats. (I pretend I am a giant.)
  5. If I could live anywhere in the world I would pick the English countryside and live in a hobbit house.
  6. I make lists and lots of them. Now, if I could only remember to use them.
  7. My favorite TV show was Lost.
  8. Laughing at inappropriate times has always got the best of me.
  9. I used to be a vegetarian but I really like steak so that didn’t work for long.
  10. Traffic is my nemesis as well as long lines at the grocery.

Enough about me…here are the pictures I promised. They are just as random as I am.

This first picture is of a really big silo which I know Sarah is going to love. They also sell windmills in case you need one.


This is one of my all-time favorite pictures. I like how the road seems endless and one may not know what is up ahead.


You will see signs like this one everywhere in my neck of the woods. Need a broom or book? Then head this way…..simplicity at its best.


I have about a million horse pictures and this one is not spectacular by any means but I just really enjoy the way this horse is looking at me.


This Amish farm is quite big and I love how the driveway is about a mile back. It’s a far away picture but I wasn’t about to creep up on their house. It was dinner time!


Thanks for having me stop by Sarah! I hope everyone enjoyed my pictures and getting to know me a little. You can visit my website Destination Amish and connect with me on Facebook or Twitter if you like 🙂

9 thoughts on “Guest Post by Michelle Dawn

  1. Love the pictures so serial. I’m like you in alot of ways. I have read alot of amish books and I love amish country.

  2. Yes, I did thoroughly enjoy the pictures. It looks so calm and peaceful. It would be nice to have that in my life.

  3. Totally love the pictures, Michelle. Like you, I want to know what’s on the other side of that hill. Thanks for sharing and hope to see more.

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