Guest Post: Are You a Christian?

Saw this posting on All Things Amish by Sherri Genung and asked if I could share it. So, with permission to share, here it is. Well said, my friend! A good message for everyone to reflect upon as we gather to celebrate Jesus’ birthday tomorrow. Perhaps the message will be heard by those who need a reminder. And I’m sure we ALL need to be reminded…


What is a Christian…who is a Christian…well the definition of a Christian is a Christ follower…one who is devote to the teachings of Christ and follows His way…A CHRIST FOLLOWER. Not a religious person, not one who attends church or memorizes all kinds of Bible verses to use when they see fit..not one who goes to the internet to use the pure Word of God to manipulate …and abuse others at will, or one who distorts the Word of God to fit their thinking. A CHRIST FOLLOWER….so in studying the Scripture that would include the following:

Forgiving 70×7…a person who lets no foul word come out of their mouth…one who keeps all the laws…every last one….oh lets see one who is righteous before God every moment all the time…one who does not lie, steal or cheat. one who will give their life for their neighbor.

Is that you?

Do you let words of life come from your mouth or does slander and malice rule your tongue? Do you use FB and email as way to feed your cowardly behavior? I have seen so many people who say… I am a Christian, and then proceed to slander, and murder with the very words they claim bring them life!

If we were true followers of Jesus….THIS WOULD NOT BE….OR WE WOULD BE STIRRED IN OUR SOULS TO STOP….Jesus took our sin…who are we to call others evil, to murder their souls, and use all means to produce hatred.

The internet is filled with this behavior…and I for one am sick of it…if you are one who is doing these things and claim Jesus…take a moment and think about what you are doing and ask yourself if you would have the same conversation about your evil intentions with Jesus Himself.

So…ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN? We are indeed reprehensible….but Jesus Himself took our condemnation and every person claiming to know Jesus and to claim the title of Christian is indeed thankful that He became reprehensible for us.

Are u a Christian?