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Greeting Cards by Lisa Bull

I love the internet. I do. I have made so many friends there. Dear sweet friends. I am able to chat with my cousin who lives 2,000 miles away and my aunt that lives in South America almost instantaneously because of the internet. I’m able to have coffee dates with Sarah, in New Jersey “in person” through the cameras on our computers. The internet has enriched my life in many ways.

And, while having a friend’s face pop up on my phone in Messenger is awesome, it does not compare to coming home from work, opening the mailbox and seeing an envelope addressed to me from a special friend.

THAT makes my day happy no matter what.

My entire adult life I’ve enjoyed sending birthday cards out to friends and family. But, over the last couple of years, I’ve started going beyond that. I’ve started mailing greeting cards. There is no rhyme or reason, really, to who gets what when. <—- That was kind of fun to write! 🙂 I keep a number of cards on hand and if a name pops into my mind, I’ll choose a card that I think is fitting, write a personalized note and send it in the mail.

Sometimes I buy cards with someone specific in mind…a card that reminds me of a private joke with a friend or maybe a picture of something I enjoy doing with someone. Other times, I buy a set of cards and randomly mail them out. I also enjoy buying post cards while on trips and sending them to as many friends as I can afford.

Every now and then a friend (Pam J 🙂 ) might get a lengthy letter where I sort of “throw-up” all of my feelings.

Usually, though, I write a simple note to say, “I’m thinking of you.”

Now. I’m not writing this to toot my own horn. My goal here is to get you thinking. What little (or big) thing can you do to reach out and make people just a little happier? Do you have a talent you can use? Do you have a gift? There is something each one of us can do to reach out to others.

Every human on this planet has a need to be needed and loved. What small part can each one of us play in making sure others know they have value?

Well. I need to go mail a few more cards…be checking your mail box!


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