Warning: RANT

When I wake up in the morning, I always read the news right away. Not as though anything has changed since 3am when I wake up every morning for some odd reason. Takes me 45 minutes to fall back asleep. 😤

Today I was greeted with an article from my least favorite politician, AOC. For once, however, I agreed with her.

After the past three years of hearing all the main stream media’s blah blah blah and witnessing over two years of Democratic politicians supporting every one of the conspiracy theories in the world that hold back the Republican agenda while flip flopping on anything the new administration wants to do, I’m sure all of us intelligent citizens couldn’t agree more with AOC.

If ALL politicians followed this one bit of advice, the country might stop being divided.

Just yesterday, I said to my husband that if the roles were switched and Republicans were spending so much time And money and energy attacking, say, Hillary Clinton, I’d be done with them.

Govern us, please. Address the real issues, because I’m fairly certain that three years of investigating ANYONE will discover something illegal or morally rotten in our pasts!

Full disclosure: In kindergarten, I claimed ownership of a book that wasn’t mine and I still feel guilty. Also, never loan me a book. Chances are I won’t return it.

I’d like to see the politicians addressing full term abortion which is the most disgusting thing that I’ve ever heard of! Or addressing the horrible pitfalls of our public education which prepare teenagers for one and only one thing: going to college to acquire education to earn a living in order to pay off insane college debt!

I’d like to see politicians address crime and drugs and murder and other bad things that make people feel they NEED to have guns to protect themselves. ✋🏼 #metoo

So yes, AOC, tell them again to stop wasting the American people’s time and start governing!!!!!


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