Goodbye My Friends…

So, I sit at my desk and stare at my computer screen in disbelief. I am saying good-bye to an old friend…or, in this case, several friends. Mary Ruth, Steve, Mimi, Katie, Menno, Rachel…It’s a sad day as I realize that soon…too soon…Amish Circle Letters will be finished.

I’ve ramped up my released dates due to the overwhelming requests from my hungry readers, waiting to goggle up each volume.  Emotionally, however, I’m not ready to say good-bye to them.

Yes, of course, I’ve decided to do a sequel. A circle is round…not beginning and no end. Of course, Miriam began this journey when she started the circle but the Fisher family will not let it end. Neither will I. There are so many questions that I have about Steve and Mimi, Rachel and Elijah, Mary Ruth and Menno.  I don’t want to say good-bye to them.

And let’s not forget little Katie with her pony, Butterscotch. Oh sure, I’ll actually see Katie and the pony this weekend, that’s for sure and certain. I’ll see Anna and Miriam, spend some time sharing stories and catching up on the latest family news. But there is something different…something powerful…about using those actual experiences and conversations to help the fictional characters grow.

I love taking my real friends and placing them in situations that allow my imagination to run wild. Still, as with any journey, when you look back at how far you have traveled, you realize that arriving at the destination isn’t half as much fun as exploring the side roads along the way.

This story has been a wonderful escape for me. An escape from the everyday life and the headaches that sometimes come with it. Mary Ruth and Rachel and Steve have helped me over the past few months, through good times–as well as some less than good times that are great fodder for The Hope Chest and The Clothes Line 😉

I’ll miss them but I do look forward to continuing the journey with them to a new and hopefully even better destination!


Haven’t read them all? You can start on Kindle or Nook.  Paperback will be released in February.