Funny Thing About Funny Cake…

Today I posted a photo of me holding up a shoo-fly pie and funny cake, my two absolute FAVORITE desserts on the face of the planet (DANKE Aunt Evie and family!).

Whoopie Pie Pam mentioned she had never heard of it. That’s the funny thing about Funny Cake. No one has!

I grew up eating Funny Cake. I’d visit my grandmother and she always had Shoo-fly Cake for my sister and Funny Cake for me. I was always told that it was Pennsylvania Dutch and, as if the two are interchangeable, Amish. I even found a recipe for “Amish” Funny Cake (you can find it here although I’m not partial to this photo and we always used brown barrel molasses, not cocoa).

However, I have yet to find one Amish person in twenty-five years who has heard of Funny Cake. I have even FedEx’d Funny Cakes to my Amish friends who are so intrigued by Amish Funny Cake, a dessert that has their name despite no one ever having tasted it! I’m convinced that it’s a Mennonite thing and should most likely be renamed Mennonite Funny Cake.

Well, maybe that’s a good thing. Leaves more for me to enjoy.

It is a delicious and fluffy cake on the top with a rich “icing” (or filling) on the bottom. That’s why they call it “Funny”. It’s as if someone flipped it upside down. Toss a little homemade vanilla ice cream on it and you could leave me on a deserted island with that…I’d be one happy camper…(well, that and my computer with unlimited electricity and WiFi access please).