Fruits of the Spirit: An Amish Romance Soap Opera

Fruits of the Spirit, An Amish Romance Series by Sarah Price
Fruits of the Spirit, An Amish Romance Series by Sarah Price

For years, I’ve wanted to do something different in the Amish genre: a weekly soap opera! I used to love watching Days of Our Lives and General Hospital after school when I was in high school and later in college. Now, after two years of planning, I’ve released Fruits of the Spirit, a ‘weekly’ Amish romance soap opera.

Already, two “episodes” in season one of Fruits of the Spirit have been released. The third episode will be released in two weeks (I had another book releasing next week so I had to skip a week–sorry).

It is so much fun–and very challenging!–to write in real time about these people in the Gibbons Road Amish community. So far, my favorites are Zach Yoder and his adoration of Katie King and Barbara Riehl, mother of an autistic son and her terrible sister-in-law, Linda Dienner. Of course, there is also Linda Esh, the community gossip. I haven’t dove too much into her (yet), but I can assure you that she will get into a deep kettle of hot water with her running mouth.

If you haven’t started reading the series yet, I encourage you to start with An Amish Christmas with Friends: Past, Present, and Future. This was my Christmas anthology and I introduced the different characters in this book.  It’s available in eBook and paperback on



Nestled in the backroads of Lancaster County, a small community of Amish families live as plain a life as possible. The Gibbons Road Amish, however, have secrets. And, like many people, the Amish grapevine is alive and well.

  • Which son will inherit the Yoders’ massive farm?
  • Which Amish woman hangs her dirty laundry on the line before the sun crests on Monday mornings so as she appears the most industrious in the community?
  • Which family cannot make ends meet and relies on Amish Aid to pay their taxes each year?

Like any community, nothing is ever as it seems. There are secrets everywhere. Love found and love lost. Friendships made and friendship destroyed. Hopes created and disappointments abound. These stories reflects one thing: real life. Perhaps exaggerated at times, like any good soap opera…then again, perhaps not! You might recognize familiar people in some of these characters, after all.

This “series” is a weekly soap opera, with episodes dropping every week until the “season” is over. A compiled paperback will be available at the end of each season.

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