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Friday’s Food for Thought: What Took Me So Long To Read The Classics by Debbie Curto

The MatchmakerI just finished reading The Matchmaker by Sarah Price. It is a retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma only Sarah’s Price novel is written from an Amish perspective and I am thinking this is really good! My question is who has read Jane Austen? I haven’t read any of Jane Austen’s books because I thought I wouldn’t like them but I read Sarah Price’s First Impressions which is based on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen only Sarah’s was Amish and I loved it and then I read Jane Austen’s version and loved it! So I am wondering why did I think I wouldn’t like Jane Austen before, is it because I didn’t think I would like the style, maybe the genre ” classic” scared me off but then I loved Gone With The Wind and it is a classic. Well, with that said I haven’t read Emma by Jane Austen but it is now on my to be read list as well as the other novels by Jane Austen.

The Matchmaker by Sarah Price is classic genre with an Amish twist. Emma is determined to never marry but she knows who is the perfect match for her new friend Hannah. At least she thinks she does. Emma means well but her plans aren’t what God has planned and hearts are broken! Can they be healed and lives lived as only God planned?

It was fun to read this book and see how Emma grows out of her prejudice ideals and learns to “Let Go and Let God.” This is a fun book with plenty of secrets. I challenge you to read “The Matchmaker” and you will become a Sarah Price fan too!

The Matchmaker is a five star book!

Thank you for your wonderful review, Debbie! If I can create an awareness that the Amish genre can be both well-written and interesting as well as introduce my readers to the world of Jane Austen, I consider this a wonderful success!

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