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Friday’s Food for Thought: The Amish Grove

Last year, my husband and I were looking to purchase an 80-acre horse farm in Northern New Jersey. Some of my followers may remember my posting the photo of the world’s largest crazy dog that wanted to eat his way through an iron barred horse stall (nickname: Cujo).

People Eating Dog

I’ve always wanted to have a lot of land and horses and wake up to the sound of silence (not cars and neighbors). I also wanted to create a place for people to visit to learn more about the Amish way of life. This was a life dream to have such a place (minus Cujo).

We didn’t get the property.

But God has a plan.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jer 29:11

Things happen for a reason and sometimes we just do not know that reason. We may never figure out what the reason is or, perhaps, you have to really stretch your imagination to understand the reason.

Why did I have a miscarriage 15 years ago? (Answer: So I could have Cat)
Why did I get breast cancer? (Answer: To focus on what’s important in life)
Why did I inherit depression? (Answer: To become stronger and learn how to fight)
Why am I tired all the time? (Answer: To learn to slow down a bit)
When you look at the big picture, there is always a reason. We might not like the reason, but there is one.

Well, moving ahead…

We did not acquire that 80-acre property, but I never gave up on my dream.

Now, it appears that my dream is going to come to fruition. Barring any unforeseen road blocks, we have found a location to open The Amish Grove in Northern New Jersey*.

Several years ago when the Weaverton Schoolhouse was for sale in Lancaster County, several of my readers tried to persuade me to purchase it. The idea for the Amish Grove will be the same type of concept. By recreating a small Amish farm, people who are too far from Lancaster County, PA will have a place to visit and learn about the Amish. Additionally, my readers will know where they can find me and, if they are in the area, can stop by to visit.

This will become my home-base and allow me to educate more people about the real way of life for the Amish, and not the silly television “reality” shows that depict them in a horrible light.

I hope you are excited because we should have an awful lot of fun making videos and meeting people at The Amish Grove. In fact, all things moving as anticipated, we are planning to have the Plain Fame Trilogy Book Launch on September 29th with a Grand Opening. Stay tuned for more details.

*Once everything is finalized, I’ll share more information.

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Food for Thought: The Amish Grove

  1. Today, I can relate to your why did things happen list. I to had some of the same things happen. I had the miscarriages, now i have 2 very beautiful grown children, a boy and a girl.
    I had a stroke on May 9th, God was trying to get me to slow down.
    I found a lump in my breast, I see the surgeon next week to schedule my biopsy. All of this is my gifts from God, telling me to slow down now, take time to smell the roses. Take time for yourself, catch up on your reading, just relax, don’t worry. Everything will work out. Leave it in God’s Hands.

    I really needed your words today. Made me sit here and thank God and my family for being here when I need them most.

  2. Congratulations, North New Jersey is a beautiful area. The air is so clean and clear, you can feel the difference when you start to reach the lower part of New Jersey. When I was yonger my family always took a trip to The Gingerbread Castle in Hamburg New Jersey. Unfortunately it is no longer there.

  3. I too had to learn to slow down, I have had fibromyalgia for many years but I kept going till 3 years ago when I had to retire before I wanted to. Then in Feb I learned I had a spot on my left breast and I needed another mammogram? That hit me for a loop and then I needed a sonogram my lump was white in color they will need to watch it and if I have pain in it before next Feb I need to go before. Prayers were answered! My fibromyalgia is getting worse I can’t do my work like I did before I have to do it when I can! My husband had started helping me a lot in doing my washing and helping with some cleaning. I seen in time to come we live on a farm I will need to hire some help because he can’t keep up doing what he is doing all the farm work and helping with my work and I do as much as I can I know I over due so he doesn’t have to help so much but I hurt to bad and then I can’t sleep at night. We are both are 65, God has a plan for both of us he always does. Sarah I like coming down to Lancaster so I will have to look you up. I love reading your books.

  4. I am so excited for you Sarah. It sounds like it is going to be a very Happy & lovely place for you and all who can come visit. Congratulations and so Happy your dreams are coming true for you.

  5. Sarah I am so very happy for you that your dream is coming through! Yes God has a reason for things not to happen & this had to be it. I think it’s wonderful that you are going to include your readers in this new journey you are taking on & who better to tell it first hand then you. Please don’t over do it would not want to see your health decline. I wish you much success & happiness at the Amish Grove! Looking forward to all you will share with us! Love & hugs my dear friend!

  6. Sarah you are an awesome writer and I always finish your books as soon as I get them.
    God is working through you. He isn’t finished with you yet. God Bless and keep you always.
    I wish you well in all that you do.

  7. I’m sorry the farm thing didn’t work out but God will answer your prayer in His timing I’m sure because according to Psalm 37:4 when you delight yourself in the Lord (and I know you do) He will give you the desires of your heart. So that’s the scripture I will be praying for you. I deal with depression so thank you for the question/answer things you put at the beginning of this e-mail letter. God bless you. I can’t wait for the next “Plain” book and have pre-ordered my copy.
    Pastor Christine Leahey

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