Friday's Fare

Friday’s Food for Thought: Spiritual Lessons from My Puppy by Lisa Bull

Lisa and EchoScratch, scratch, scratch.


Scratch, scratch, scratch.

I open one eye. It’s barely light in my room. I close my eye.


Pushing back my covers, I sit up and slide my legs off the bed. Once I stand up and head for the door, I feel little puffs of breath on my heels. Our six footsteps pad down the hall as he moves ahead of me.

We enter the dark cold living room and my puppy jumps up onto the couch quickly curling himself into a comfy ball on his blanket.

No. Way. Not happening.

I open the door, “Come on. Let’s go outside,” I whisper in my sweetest Mommy voice.

No movement.

Marching back in, I pick him up, plop him on the patio, and whisper, harshly now, “Go. Potty!”

He looks up at me with his cute puppy dog eyes and I counter his cuteness with a finger pointed toward the yard.

As I look up, the glow of the sky catches my attention–the most magnificent sunrise I’ve seen in quite some time. Sherbet oranges and cotton candy pinks fill the sky with popcorn puffs of white clouds mixed in. Gorgeous. And, to think I almost missed this…….

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