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Friday’s Food for Thought: Meet My Morristown Family

As I was preparing for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t exactly certain what to post. Fortunately, I happened to be looking at which gave me a great idea: Instead of talking about my children (Alex and Cat) or husband, my forever and always Valentines, I should talk about the local businesses that I frequent and how appreciative I am for the important role they play in my life. a great resource for funding small businesses and helping them grow, they also helped me with thanking the businesses that I simply adore in Morristown!

Valentine’s Day is not just for starry-eyed lovers (although I might snuggle down with Amanda and Alejandro to re-read their love story over the weekend). This celebration is for showing your appreciation for people that you love.

First, of course, is Seaton Hackney Stables (South Street)…and not just because my dear husband is the owner of the business. What an amazing staff who tend to all of the animals (horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, and chickens) during yucky weather: rain, snow, hurricanes, heat waves. The riders are also amazing: no superior airs or pretension among them like I’ve personally experienced at other barns. They are, indeed, my family.

Seaton Hackney Stables

Next, I cannot express how my life has changed with Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Morristown (Elm Street) in my life. Thanks to Beyer Ford (Ridgedale Avenue), Fred Astaire Dance Studio held a Dancing with the Survivors fund raiser last October. This was my introduction to formal dancing. I’ve tried this before at other places and I probably would have given up if it wasn’t for the amazing people at this particular studio. They have become more than my dancing family; they are my motivation to write so that, when I achieve a goal, I can reward myself with extra lessons.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio

The owner of the studio, Gaby, and I were talking yesterday and I made a comment that “Everyone wants a piece of me; well, THIS is a piece of me FOR me!”

Ladies…(and gentlemen)…how often do we treat ourselves to something for us? The kids get their sports lessons or expensive cars, schools, and clothing. The husband gets his thing, too, whether it a golf club membership or VFW time, nice car, men’s retreat, or time with his buddies watching a game at a sports bar.

Find something that YOU like and do it for yourself.

For me, it’s dancing. And, by the way, I’m proud to say that I’m no longer a “baby” dancer. My instructor told me so yesterday which made me really happy! YAY!

Lastly, I simply cannot leave out my favorite of all places in Morristown: David Todd’s Restaurant (South Street). There’s something about walking into a non-overly-crowded establishment and being greeted with warm smiles from the hostess, the wait staff, and the owner. I simply LOVE this place and everyone of my friends in the area know it. They groan whenever I want to go out because this is MY place. Whenever I’m feeling blue and blah, I ask Marc or my dear friend Gina to go there with me. They know that it cheers me up to get a little fussing and great conversation from the staff.

The food is also amazing. We have never had anything less than an exceptional meal at David Todd’s.

David Todd’s onion soup

It’s amazing how God puts people in your life just when you need them. From my daughter introducing me to my husband (!) to breast cancer introducing me to Gaby and her team from Fred Astaire (as well as Bridget and Nicole from Beyer Ford) and, of course Andrew and Sebastian from David Todd’s, it’s hard to not realize that He knows what He is doing. He knew that I needed a strong, supportive Morristown family and He gave it to me.

So this year, I want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to my Morristown family who have shown me love and support throughout the entire year!

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  1. A little suggestion I see there, mentioning Amanda and A

    lejandro!How wonderful that Catt introduced you to Marc! Was that through his stables ? Have a wonderful trip. That French Onion soup looks yummy ! That’s one of my husband’s favorites to make manually . ( as in once a year. ! )
    Safe travels !!

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