Friday Fare: Chow Chow

Life on an Amish farm is simply not complete without chow chow. This is a main staple throughout the year. I must confess that I have never made it so this will be a challenge for me this weekend. However, I love, love, love this. Whenever I visit Lancaster, I stock up on chow chow. My family gets sick of it, unfortunately…they don’t share the love (sniff sniff). Anyway, I do encourage you to try this.


  • 1 pint of the following: green beans, yellow beans, cucumbers, lima beans, carrots, corn
  • 1 head of cabbage
  • 4 stalks celery
  • 1/2 dozen green tomatoes
  • Large white onion
  • 3 quarts vinegar
  • 5 cups sugar
  • 1 tablespoon celery seed

Cook the first four ingredients (vegetables) until they are tender. then drain them. Chop all ingredients (including the tomatoes and onions)  into small bite sizes. Drain and salt. Mix all ingredients together in a boiling syrup of vinegar, sugar, and celery seed. Heat, jar, and seal.

NOTE: If you don’t want to can it (i.e. save it for later), at least let it sit for a few days. It will taste better.



4 thoughts on “Friday Fare: Chow Chow

  1. There are two answers online to “what is a stalk of celery?” One says a celery stalk is made of multiple “ribs.” In other words, a stalk of celery is a head of celery – the whole thing. The other definition says that each of the upright pieces is a stalk. Sarah: Which one does this recipe use? Thanks, Jon

    PS I’m not using lima beans and no one can make me, so there!!!!

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