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Fly in the Ointment

When you have horses, you inevitably have flies. For the past two weeks, I’ve been battling with two lingering pests that will.not.die.

Now, that might sound really cruel, but they are in my house and landing all over the place. Like gerbils, two flies will quickly equal two hundred. So I have been on the warpath to rid my house of these pesky insects.

It’s not easy.

To begin with, I don’t have a flyswatter. So I use towels, rolled up magazines, even my hand. I can spend an hour battling these two fellas. But I have learned that they are complete ninjas and like to fight back. When I go for one fly, the other one will daringly land on my arm (which tickles in an annoying sort of way). And when I finally get one, a new companion seems to arrive out of nowhere!

Isn’t that like life?

Whenever one bad thing disappears, another comes in its place…or so it seems.

Just yesterday, I said to my mother that the time is coming for me to have a break of yucky things of the devil. While I am happy to strengthen my back by carrying burdens for others—the more I have, hopefully the less YOU have…at least statistically, it would seem that way—my shoulders are beginning to hurt.

For the last eighteen or so years, it has been one thing or another thrown at me. There were times when I succumbed to wanting to throw in the towel (similar to giving up on the stupid flies) while other times I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and smiled my way through it.

But it isn’t always easy.

Of course, I should remember all of the good things: my husband and children, my parents, my cyber-sisters and my friends. I have been blessed with a lot of good in my life and need to remind myself that life has a balance. It cannot be all good…otherwise, we’d never really appreciate it, would we?

I suppose I am a little frustrated right now. I still have one last fly who will not leave my kitchen. It’s definitely symbolic for the one thing that is lingering in my life that I cannot seem to eradicate…a problem in my household that we all want to fix but the health care system is poor equipped to assist us.

One of these days, I will swat that fly and no longer have to wield my rolled up magazine as I prowl through my kitchen. Perhaps on that same day, there will be inner peace for my entire small family. With God on my side, I have faith that will happen.

In the meantime, I will continue battling on both fronts with only one outcome acceptable in my mind: defeating the bad things so happiness, health, and harmony reign once again for my household!

7 thoughts on “Fly in the Ointment

  1. I know the fly situation well as I grew up with farm animals including horses. My Granddad would put a bit of syrup on top of some farm grease and the flies would stick to that—-it worked because my job was to empty the container filled with dead flies. Joyce

  2. Golden fly bait,in bottle cap,away from all else,yes, the little blue crystals,are harmful so use responsibly ,yes, it does take care of those disease burden carriers.Well, now you could parallel this with prayers, be aware what you pray,that you can meet with the response,called for,some times these burden[we call them] are our training ground for the faith building strength we need to stand strong .When in the valley look up to the mountain ,and find your peace. There is Peace in the valley with God.Blessings Linda G

  3. Mornin’,Sweet Sarah. As usual, a great blog. Ah the ups & downs of life ! As you have pointed out, life is a constant seesaw ! Hopefully we gather & retain enough strength in the good periods to prepare for the down-. ers . We Christians try to remember God is always there to help shoulder our burdens , and we try to remember to rely on his strength, not our own .How marvelous that he set us apart in families and gave us abilities to make and retain friends , even cyber friends and co-workers who can both console and cheer us on when the seesaw is in the down position and then congratulate and celebrate with us when the seesaw is in the upward position !
    Here’s to getting rid of that present fly in your household , ( in both regards ) , so we can bring on the celebrations !! Hugs & bye !

  4. Sarah,
    I am praying for you and your family. You are a special lady and loved by thousands of people.
    God Bless You,

  5. That dog gone fly has many flying relatives, seems so many people are going thru trying times this days and yes so much is centered at family issues ,and health issues. Satan is not content with trying to knock you down with one thing but throws one thing on top of another. It all CAN get over whelming especially when loved ones are at the center of his attack . We have do battle for them and ourselves because this issues can and will take a toll on us too if we don’t help and that is where our Lord will always come to our rescue isn’t that great to have Him on our side. I will keep you in prayer for peace of mind and heart for you and loved ones. May God Bless You And Your Loved Ones.

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