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Fight or Flight from Fin to Sin by Lisa Bull

Fin to Sin

The sun was high and warm as we made our way to the gently rolling waves of the Gulf of Mexico. The beach almost burned the soles of our feet as they sank into the sand, an occasional shell poking into our skin. Our already tanned bodies were prepared for sunbathing. We quickly deposited our beach towels and cooler on an unoccupied spot and headed toward the water. I had been to the beach before, but this was his first time. I could hardly wait to feel the salty water on my toes and to see his face as the water lapped up to his legs.

When we finally reached the outer edges of the wet sand as the waves receded, he was now holding my hand leading me into the water. The dark ocean soaked sand sucked our feet downward with each step. We entered the water and were soon encircled by foamy sea water. I generally liked to stay just past knee deep. I felt safer there. But, he wanted to explore the water, and soon I saw him disappear underneath leaving me the view of sea seemingly touching sky. It was at that moment that something caught my eye.

A fin. A. Fin. I didn’t walk on water…but, I did make it to shore in record time.

My husband’s head bobbed up out of the water and he yelled, “What are you doing?”

I pointed shaking my finger toward a wave, “Fin!”


“A fin! There’s a fin. Fin!” I was now motioning for him to hurry and come to shore. He swam toward me and as he walked up out of the water he looked confused–umm–maybe a little angry?

“You saw a fin and just left me there? You didn’t even try to get my attention?!” At this point he was just glaring at me.

Sheepishly I shrugged my shoulders, “Sorry? Um. I wasn’t thinking, I guess.”

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