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Farm Life vs. City Life

This past week, I’ve been in New Jersey. It’s been a stealth trip where I have literally locked myself in my office and worked. I think I’ve gone downstairs a total of five times and left the house only once for an anniversary dinner with Marc and my parents (8 years for us, 58 for them). I’m catching up on much needed sleep, writing, blogging, and fixing some other little things on my websites. It’s a work-cation. But quiet. OH SO QUIET. No dogs barking. No birds screaming. No Cat freaking out because she saw a spider (seriously…she FREAKS OUT). It’s just a little slice of heaven here locked in my office.

Life down in Florida on the horse ranch is a lot of work. There is no such thing as a regular day or routine. a perfect example is last night. My daughter Cat went to check on something and the three mini-horses escaped from their paddock into the big horse paddock.  When gates aren’t shut properly, those mini-horses sure do know how to mastermind jail breaks! ha ha

You’d think that would be enough but no…

Half an hour later, Cat calls me because Malibu, my troublemaker mustang, not only figured out how to get through a fence that had been cut and fixed, but jumped over barb wire into the neighbor’s yard.  Down in the country where we live, neighbors aren’t on the other side of your driveway. They are far enough away that I’ve never met these people (although they have some mean looking dogs). Thankfully, Kacey–our neighbor who lives closer–helped Cat rescue the horse who did the walk of shame down the road and back onto our property.

Pebbles, my baby mustang, with a bad hair moment. ha ha

The ironic thing is that you’d think country life would be quiet and city life would be crazy. It’s completely the opposite.

Chaos has always been okay with me. I like change. I like energy. I like activity. However, I’d like a little less of it, I think. I’d like a little more tranquility on the farm, just like the Amish have. Now I understand why their barn might not be the most tidy or they don’t groom their horses every single day. Of course, they get accused of being dirty and animal abusers (rolling my eyes), but it doesn’t impact their life. They live their life at a slower pace instead of having to deal with appearances.

Maybe that’s the attitude I need to adopt. Maybe I won’t mow the yard (20+ acres) each week or weed whack, a chore I detest. Maybe it’s OKAY if a few things slip a bit as long as the horses are cared for.

Hmmmm….something to consider as I get ready to fly back to Florida tomorrow….


3 thoughts on “Farm Life vs. City Life

  1. Sorry the farm is so hectic for you, Sarah. Could you hire someone to help a couple of days of more. I want you to enjoy Florida. It should be a great great to have a farm there. Rethink things this trip. Glad you had a respite in N.J. Happy anniversary to you and Marc, and your folks.😘

  2. I so love your books, and I have read quite a few of them and I haven’t found any I don’t like please keep writing!!

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