Facing Cancer: One Laugh at a Time

So…it’s Thursday. I’m back in the hospital having surgery today. More reconstruction but surgery nonetheless. Over the past two years, I’ve had NINE surgeries that I remember for this ridiculous breast cancer. Boo! Hiss! Go away cancer! You are an unwelcome guest with your nine surgeries!

Facing Cancer

1. Double Mastectomies (the girls) and Reconstruction (Louis and Antoinette)

2. Skin grafting to save Louis

3. Single Mastectomy (Louis)

4. Infections and Blood Transfusions in Isolation

5. Infection surgery to close wound

6. Single Mastectomy (Antoinette)

7. Lat-Flap Reconstruction and Fat Grafting (THE.WORSE.PAIN in my life…and worse recovery room guest who takes the award for saying inappropriate, self-serving and mean spirited things to me after a seven-hour-painful surgery–never got an apology on that one…hmmmmm)

8. Swap of implants (Thelma and Louise)

9. More reconstruction stuff

Facing Cancer

Are you tired of hearing about my surgeries and my cancer? Probably. I’m tired of living it so I can imagine how tired people are of reading about it.

Nine surgeries. Nine recoveries. Nine emotional traumas for my children. Nine situations dealing with people who either don’t get it (90%) or over-get-it (10%–namely my parents and hub). Nine times I felt the love from Facebook Family and my triangle of NJ BFFLs: Gina, Marisol, Iris. Nine times I put on a happy face, usually with the result backfiring on me–badly.

Let’s face it. Surgery stinks. The patient gets hustled out of the hospital and recovers at home. Once at home, people forget that the patient is recovering. One night, I had to make my own dinner! I practically crawled down the stairs on my hands and knees to get something…anything. I had no one to help b/c my parents were traveling and my husband was working. My neighbors…well, you know THAT story (cough cough, Gloria in Empty Cup). My son was M.I.A. which he tends to do when I’m recovering. Luckily, my dear daughter, Cat finally rescued me and made me almost cooked Mac and Cheese (her specialty…the shells, not the elbows).

Facing Cancer

I survived.

Recovering from these surgeries is not easy. It takes time. Just because people are smiling on the outside (or trying to) doesn’t mean they are smiling on the inside. My one operation from December…I’m STILL recovering from. The sites where the grafting was done still give me a ton of pain. But I can tolerate that pain. It’s like baby pain. You see, from December 1 to January 21st, I was in the worse MONSTER SIZED pain I ever felt in my entire life (think childbirth without pain med multiplied by five knife wounds in your sides and then Godzilla grabs you and squishes your sides…really hard…yeah, that’s what I’m talking about).

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. You just go on autopilot to get through the day…the hour…sometimes even the minute. And look for any parts that you can laugh at.

I’ll close my ramblings about surgeries on this story:

The hospital called today to check me in via the phone. The administrator asked a ton of questions: Do you have body piercings? (no) Wear eye glasses? (no) Have a pace maker? (no) Take drugs? (only legally prescribed ones…ha ha ha–she didn’t laugh). Had a blood transfusion? (yes)

That made her pause and she said, “Did you have any reaction to it?”

To which I replied, “Why yes I did! I became sexier and smarter almost right away!”

Pause. Laughter. I got her!

One laugh at a time…that’s how I get through this…

23 thoughts on “Facing Cancer: One Laugh at a Time

  1. You are a very courageous woman! I pray the surgery goes well today and that you receive loads of TLC.

  2. You are strong and will get through this. God is always us for something brighter and or to give us the experience to remember for later.
    Sending you LOTS of prayers.
    Love ya

  3. Hope this surgery goes well. I have had 3 on the same breast. ALL GOOD. I cannot imagine what you are going thru. Would fix you dinner if I could. LOL

  4. I’m sorry you have to go thru this 9 times. Just know you will be in my thoughts and prayers!
    May God Bless You,

  5. You will get through this with God’s help and many are praying for you. I have a daughter in law that is three years past treatment and I know her faith in God has brought her this far and I am so blessed to have her in my life and know your family deals the same. I pray for blessing on you.

  6. Dearest Daughter, You have the strength and the courage of a hundred warriors. You are loved by many and you have so much to look forward to after #9. Just imagine that teepee and the fire and the s’mores! Think of whatever is beautiful to you…..your daughter, that green dress; your magnificent Undee and a very devoted husband. Keep the good in focus. Stay brave.
    God gives us the burdens he KNOWS we can handle so others value each day of their lives a little more. You are so special in my life and I share the pain in my heart. All my love and I will be there when this is over. On my way. Love, MOM

  7. Sending my prayers for a speedy recovery. I have followed your many “ups & downs”. You are a very strong lady. My constant reminder to myself & I know it is your attitude, as well is “One Day at a Time”. May God’s strength continue to hold you up. <3

  8. No one knows about cancer until you have it. I had 3 surgeries and one biopsy. The good news is I am here to talk about it. Prayers to you.

  9. You are a strong woman and will get through this. But after reading your complaints and good stuff, I feel better knowing what I do and going in for my biopsy next week. Thank you for showing not just the bad stuff, but the good stuff to.
    I am praying for you lady, God is with you holding you up and holding your hands. He is with the doctors and leading them. God Bless you!

  10. Sorry about all your pain and surgery. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless You.
    Marilyn and Family

  11. I loved Reading your Post… the Humor inspite of all the pain and Surgeries… I am keeping you in my Prayers… and just remind the Doctor that it could be You operating on HIM/Her ! ! ! I used to make the Residents where I worked laugh when I would let them know that “we were giving away Free Enemas”…. ! ! ! Keep a Positive Spirit and Here is a Big Gentle Hug For You…! !

  12. This just makes my heart ache. It just aches. I don’t even know what to say. Telling you that you’re in my heart and prayers just isn’t enough. I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself over some issues today, but no more. My problems are insignificant.

  13. God bless you,Sarah as you endure another surgery and recovery.I still don’t know that you slow down long enough to “recover”.Please know many of us are praying for patience, comfort and a smooth recovery. I know at times such as this it’s difficult to do it, but when you are ready count your blessings. You are here ,you
    ”re such a fighter and you and God are using your pain to help others! You can beat this and one day soon,all these surgeries will be behind you.Think on Belize ! Love to you. ….Afterthought… it just ain’t fair !!

  14. “If he leads you to it, he will see you through it”. And while you are under the knife, just think dreamy thoughts of Alejandro (Pitbull) and all will be well with you. You are Wonder Woman and the Energizer Bunny all in one. God will be with you and so will Your Biggest Fan! XOXO

  15. Just seeing this, have been away from my computer. Hope your surgery went well and it is the last one you have to have. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

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