Facebook Update and Bullying

Well, folks, I’m still locked out of my Facebook account. However, I want to reassure everyone that I will be recreating another account as soon as I get back to the States. No bully who hides behind her/his computer (and cries that S/HE was bullied, too) is going to keep me from my friends and readers.

So many people have emailed me that, frankly, it’s sad. I have heard that many people have seen this person’s “rants and raves” posted on Facebook–which has been self-identifying. Unfortunately, I have also heard that several people, authors AND readers, that they have been the target of this very strange person who professes to be such a Christian on the one hand while acting more like the “lying serpent” that is his/her favorite expression for the rest of us.

I will also be meeting with my lawyer this week in Manhattan. I’m not tolerating this. I find it ironic that this person boasts how many books s/he has sold or what his/her rankings are when this person has underhandedly tried to destroy any competition from up and coming authors.  It’s easy to sell a lot of books and/or rise in the rankings when you lie about your competition and try to get them removed from the race. Not to mention the irony that the Amish find pride in oneself or one’s achievements a sin. Hmmmm….interesting.

Along those lines, I want to encourage all of you to buy The Tomato Patch, my Amish novella about bullying. I’m buying copies and donating them to the schools in my school district. Two bullies, quite similar to this disturbed “author” who delights in being so unChristian, targeted a young boy in our town this past year. The young boy killed himself. My husband and I personally knew him. The hardship of the bullying I faced, as an adult, and the repercussions of it throughout my life, showed me how horrible bullying (and bullies) are. I can only imagine what this young 15 year old went through and, being so young, not understanding how to deal with it. The result? A lost life. Destroyed families. And other youths that are now going to jail.

Please consider donating a copy to YOUR local school, church, or library. Maybe you might even volunteer to conduct a discussion about bullying with the kids after they read it (or the teacher reads it to the class).  Let’s have something positive come out of this experience. For me, it’s been an eye-opener about wolves in sheep’s clothing…they have sharp fangs but eventually the shepherd finds out who they really are!

Link on Amazon for The Tomato Patch:
Link on for The Tomato Patch:

Available in Paperback by August 1st.

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  1. Very well said! I respect the way you have and are going to handle this situation. I can’t wait to see what this will bring in your future writing. Have a blessed day.

  2. Having suffered bullying as a child my heart goes out to you. I hope that this situation will soon be resolved and you can leave this situation behind you and move on.

  3. Looking forward to reading this book.A fourteen year old boy committed suicide in our county a couple weeks ago because he was bullyed.I pray your books help children and adults too.With everything going on in this world,and how hard it is,I wish people would show compassion and stop bullying others.Blessing…

  4. There are many forms of bullying, but this, coming from another author who pretends to endorse Christian values is particularly ugly and, apparently, not the first time from that small, petty individual who does it not only in Amish fiction but, as I was just made aware of, in other “genres” she indulges in under various “aliases” and that I will not lower myself to mention here.
    Sarah, we are all with you because we know that you, unlike that woman, are not motivated by greed but by a true love of the Amish and their way of life. You enjoy interacting with the people that share your passions as it is so apparent in everything you write and the blogs you share with us and we thank you for that.

  5. Sarah, I get so concerned for my nephew who is bullied. He’s only 14 and such a sensitive kid…very loving. I’m glad you’re addressing this issue of bullying. It’s dangerous. Very well-written piece by a real author 😉

  6. It takes one to know one, Karen 😉 Make sure you nephew understands that whatever he is going through will not last for very long as he has many wonderful years ahead of him. What he is going through, however unfortunate is nothing but a test from which he will emerge stronger and better prepared for the real world.

  7. Well said Sarah. I’m so glad you are standing up to this bully. You are a fine Christian woman and doing a wonderful job handling this situation and not lowering yourself to he/she’s level. We stand behind you in every way. You are a great Lady and a wonderful Author. This Author is certainly not a Christian person or he/she would not be writing these other kinds of books under an alias name.Keep up the good work on the bullying and on your Amish Romance Novels. Can’t wait to read more of your future books. May God bless you as you go through this and always.

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