Exciting News!!!

Just got a call from one of my Amish friends who asked if I was coming to Lancaster this weekend! They invited me to a church service and fellowship on Sunday! How exciting. I love attending their services and listening to their hymns. This service is being held in Strasburg, near the farms used in the filming of the Witness. It’s so much fun to be able to share the lives of these wonderful people with all of you. I’m so blessed to have these amazing experiences and even MORE blessed to be able to share it with my readers.

So many of these experiences that I have get woven into the heart of the stories that I write. Helps to make them authentic and real. A perfect example is Amish Circle Letters. The three main stories are real stories from real Amish people that I know.

Which reminds me…

Amish Circle Letters (Volume 4): Anna’s Letter
will be published later this week!

And Volume 5 is almost ready for a final edit so it’s not too far behind.

So, if you haven’t caught up on Amish Circle Letters Volume 1-3, now is the time. Each volume is about 30 pages long. There will be 10 volumes in all. Mayhaps there will even be an Amish Circle Letters II!!!


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  1. It would be wonderful to be invited to attend an Amish Church service and a fellowship with them. You are so lucky to have such great Amish friends. Wish you were able to go, It would be such an honor to an invite like this.

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