Evil Dragons

Oooo the evil dragons have reared their ugly heads again in yet another “Christian” group on Facebook, slandering others in their typical late night rantings (what ARE you doing at that hour, ladies?). The ironic thing is that it’s the same people who banter back and forth, one under two of her fake accounts. This time, however, it was not just me who was bashed but ANOTHER Amish author, too. Bullying? Yup.

So, in my own defense and to (once again) set the record straight…

A. I do not practice witchcraft (if I did, they’d be quite a few people turned into slimy toads covered in warts right now…).

B. I haven’t been to Florida in over a year (although I’d like to…it sure is cold up north).

C. I have NO OTHER BOOKS PUBLISHED UNDER ANY OTHER NAME (I may be a prolific writer but I do have a life that requires some interaction with my family, friends, and colleagues).

Enough said…