Drugs Among the Amish

Two words you wouldn’t normally think of seeing in the same sentence: drugs and Amish. Unfortunately, it’s true. The Amish do have issues with drug abuse among their members.

One time, many years ago, when I was staying with my friend Katie in Lancaster County, PA, she was telling me about some of the issues with drug use among the youth. When I expressed my surprise, she laughed at me.

“Well, Sarah, don’t you think our youth are as curious as your youth?”

While it’s true that Amish youth are first and foremost people, I never really gave much consideration to drug use among them. I mean…their AMISH, right?

Well, fast forward many years and I’ve learned that there are many Amish youth who take their rumschpringe a bit too far. Just recently, I watched the Devil’s Playground, a documentary about the Amish and addiction made by National Geographic. One of the interviews that stuck with me was a young man saying “The Amish throw the wildest, best parties.”

Yikes! That’s not something you read about too often in the sweet Amish romances on Amazon.

Just last week, I published my book, Shattered Mirror. So far, the reviews are rather favorable. What is even more interesting to me is how many people have emailed me, sharing their own stories about addiction in their families. It’s so prevalent and yet we all seem to want to turn a blind eye to it.

I know that many of my readers tend to avoid other genres besides Amish fiction. But I’m encouraging you to read this novel, Shattered Mirror. It sheds light on so many things regarding addiction and the pain that families go through. It doesn’t matter if that family is Amish or Englische, the message hits home.

A Review of Sarah Price's Shattered Mirror, a book about addiction

One thought on “Drugs Among the Amish

  1. I have not bought this book yet but will soon. I am not sure how it will make me feel.
    My son has been a drug addict for many years. I now raise my granddaughter.
    I finally had to walk away 2 yrs ago. Breaks my heart but when my granddaughter’s life and mine are threatened it was my only choice. We now are hiding until he is put behind bars. Drugs destroy families!

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