Don’t let me invite you over to dinner…

So, I’m still trying to honor my husband’s request to relax a little bit. Unfortunately, I’m failing in a very, very large way.

  • On Saturday, my husband asked me to help with his business and immediately, within five minutes, I think he was saying not very kind things about me in French as I jumped on his computer and began modifying his newsletters and email communications.
  • Yesterday, I exhausted myself with organizing closets and drawers and cabinets. Now, no one can find anything. I did a major house purge (and drew up new plans for winter projects). My house projects “guy” is happy…my husband is scowling at me.
  • Tonight, I decided to make an attempt at being domesticated and, after a long day in Manhattan, I attempted to cook a lovely meal. Lemon and garlic stuffed chicken, rubbed in a wonderful seasoning. Unfortunately, I accidentally blew up the glass cooking thingie (I don’t even know what it’s called) and now, no one will eat it. Afraid of internal bleeding from shards of glass that exploded in the oven.  As if!!!!!

So, as my family is headed to Burger King (yuck), I’m left staring at my crummy attempt at trying to “do it all” which resulted in a poor chicken who gave up her life only to be fed to my dogs. That’s right. I killed a chicken twice. It can happen…! But my herd of dogs, all five of them, are salvating…waiting for it to cool down and devour.


Perhaps, while they are gone, this might be the perfect opportunity to forget the request to “relax” and return to the keyboard. Isn’t 72 hours enough time to relax???

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  1. sure glad I am not the only one. Having not cooked pretty much for 2 years I am sure I will blow everything

  2. Some of the artificial Pyrex has been known to blow up like that. You didn’t put the wrong kind of glass in the oven, right? Better luck next time. At least you tried. LOL Wouldn’t have taken a chance with my dogs either. Sorry!

  3. Not putting the item to be roasted on a wire rack and enough water in the glass roasting dish always spells disaster. The water under the ‘chicken’ also provides moisture to it, which is always a plus.. Think of it this way, placing the glass roasting dish with the chicken on the glass over the heating element on the top of your range isn’t on anyones to do list, so put water on the bottom and if the roasting is going to be over 1 1/2 hours, maintain the original water level throughout the cooking process. Guarenteed to successfully reach your table and diners’ delighted taste buds.

  4. Oh boy thats to bad it happened like that to ruin your dinner…So sorry for you….Good ole pyrex for ya…Thats the reason I always bake in roasters…had a pyrex crack on me as well while baking..

  5. I have been using my roaster and my old corning ware dishes to bake in. So far they have not blown up on me. Sorry your meal was ruined. I did have to laugh when I was reading this.

  6. The new pryex dishes are known to blow up. They are not made in USA and are made a little different. I use only the older ones. So it wasn;t you.

  7. love your books also the plain way of life my husband and I have traveled to many of their communities .I read as much as I can about the amish.

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