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Sarah Price's Amish Christian Romance, LizzieLast month, my latest novel, Lizzie, was released. I thought I’d share some of the great reviews with my followers. You see, when an author spends so much time writing a novel–married to the laptop, story, and characters!–we love to see the reviews posted.

It’s our payment. Our reward. It’s the motivation that helps us continue writing, day in and day out. When I get into my “zone”, nothing can distract me (well, except the barking of 12 dogs or an interruption from my dear husband or daughter). Otherwise, I’m focused on the story that plays in my head, frantically typing it onto the screen as it unfolds.

That’s my writing process. I actually see the story as it takes place. And once I go there, I’m engulfed in my characters, the dialogue, the setting. It’s almost like an out-of-body experience, hovering over my characters and watching them.

Maybe that sounds strange, but it’s the only way that I can describe it.

Writing Lizzie was no different. In one of the early chapters, after a storm, Phineas is leading a cow down the road. It had escaped through a broken fence. I remember writing that scene and I was standing behind Lizzie, watching as she walked (barefoot, of course) down the road toward him. She saw him approaching, leading the cow. He actually stood on the left side of the cow, a dirty white lead rope in his hand. That’s how real it gets when I’m writing my novels.

Anyway, here are some of the reviews. And, if you haven’t purchased it yet, it’s available on Amazon in eBook and Paperback format. Happy reading!

Review for Sarah Price's Amish Christianity Novel, Lizzie

I think this reviewer, PeachPie, needs to pen her own book. Her descriptions are just charming. I need to meet this woman and sit down with HER over a glass of meadow tea.  Thank you, PeachPie.  Contact me and I’ll send you a free copy of my Amish Christmas with Friends anthology, releasing in October in eBook and Paperback.

Review for Sarah Price's Amish Christianity Novel, Lizzie

This review makes me smile. I really DO love creating surprise endings. I also like how she mentioned “the need for cooperation of small rural living”. That is so typical of the Amish and always woven throughout my novels. I appreciate a reader who finds my subtle hints.  Ms. Chapman, same as above. Contact me so that, when my Amish Christmas with Friends anthology, is released, I can mail you a copy to thank you for a lovely review.

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