Delicious Cookies from Cookie Club Readers

I’ve been really enjoying reading the reviews from the pre-readers of my latest book, The Amish Cookie Club, on Amazon,, and Goodreads. One of the reviewers made me laugh:

Sarah Price and The Amish Cookie Club Book Review

Angela Brocato-Skaggs just made my day: “I always say the book I just finished is my favorite by Sarah Price but this one truly is.” 

THAT, my dear friends, is a most delicious chocolate chip cookie! And those are my favorite cookies of all times.

You know, it takes a long time to write a novel. As I mentioned yesterday, writing a book and getting it to publication is really hard. REAAALLLLY hard. I suppose because I’ve published so many books (40? 50?) that people suspect it must get easier. But that’s very far from the truth. In fact, it gets harder.

Each time I write a book and follow it through to publication, I learn so much from the editors, publishers, marketers, and the readers. All of this newfound information must be incorporated into my next novel. So you can imagine that my brain is quite full of little morsels of information and applying it to each new manuscript is extremely difficult. It creates more work. Of course, I love writing and I adore storytelling so I don’t mind the work that is involved.

The true reward, however, is in reading what people think of my creation after they’ve read and (hopefully) enjoyed it. I’ll be eager to see if Angela says the same thing after reading The Amish Cookie Club Christmas book! Will that be her next favorite book of mine? This might just be my gauge of success…Continuing to gain her stamp of approval.


If you haven’t ordered The Amish Cookie Club Christmas yet, here’s the link to do so via (but you can purchase through any online bookstore or physical bookstore).


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