Delays with Gypsy

It’s so hard when you are so close yet so far!!! It’s killing me. Gypsy in Black was finished when I decided to do a massive overhaul and re-write complete sections. I wasn’t happy with how the two main characters were playing out on paper. He was too hard, she was too hard. I wanted more of a connection…not just between the two characters but with the readers. Then, just as I was about finished, I had a brain surge and added a completely new element to the book…

Writing is a hard process. I suppose if it was not difficult more people would do it successfully. (I’d say more people would do it but…frankly…everyone has a book inside of them).

Gypsy has been in the works for years and, to be so close to completion only to have the foundation ripped apart, it’s discouraging to still be so far away. But I’m hopeful that the end result is as powerful as In Fields of Corn.

One thought on “Delays with Gypsy

  1. Rewrites are really a pain, aren’t they? I got almost to the end of my 4th draft for Chasing Glenn Beck, and realized that a major part of the very last chapter made no sense because of what I had previously added two chapters before. Scramble, scramble….

    By the way: happy to be a reader for you if you like.

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